BORA Holding KBW2022 “BORA NEXT” Announcing the Establishment of “Cross Chain” to Lead the Global Web 3.0 Market

BORA holding KBW2022 "BORA NEXT" Announcing the establishment of "cross chain" to lead the global web 3.0 market

  • BORA to launch the onboarding service in the second half based on its solid groundwork such as DEX, NFT and Portal

  • Establishing a cross chain to widen the global ecosystem and user liquidity contact point

BORANETWORK , a blockchain-based content platform operator, held a conference on 8th for BORA in the Korea Blockchain Week 2022 (hereinafter the “KBW2022”), which is the largest blockchain event in Asia.

During this conference, BORANETWORK and KakaoGames presented the business status of BORA and the future direction for the expansion of the ecosystem in partnership with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, to the media under the theme, BORA NEXT: Expanding Across & Beyond

Representative Kyehyun Cho of Kakao Games disclosed BORA’s onboarding services that will be released in the second half of this year, including METABORA’s BIRDIE SHOT, XL Games’ ArcheWorld and Rising Wings’ COMPETZ, along with the line-up such as a casual battle, BORA Battle (working title), a sports simulation, Baseball the BLOCK (working title) and a screen golf, Friends Screen NFT (working title).

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In the event, co-representative Sangjoon Woo of METABORA announced to establish a “cross chain” environment to widen the global ecosystem of BORA and user liquidity, and has announced a partnership with Polygon as its first step.

BORA plans to expand BORA portal marketplace ecosystem with Polygon NFT compatibility, through the partnership with Polygon. Polygon will provide technical support to BORA and help onboard BORA’s partners and NFT IPs to the Polygon ecosystem.

Urvit Goel, Head of Global Games Business Development at Polygon, said: “We’re delighted to be working with BORA to help them expand liquidity and introduce greater composability to their gaming ecosystem. By leveraging Polygon, BORA NEXT users will benefit from low fees and fast transactions while tapping into the Ethereum network’s inherent security. Polygon is committed to supporting developers in Korea and look forward to partnering with the best to growing blockchain gaming adoption globally”

Co-representative Sangjoon Woo of Metabora said “we came to establish a cross chain with global blockchain platforms to establish an environment easily accessible by users across the world,” adding “we are planning to explore various ways and develop various contents by closely working with many partners to keep the ecosystem of BORA growing.

Meanwhile, BORA has opened BORA PORTAL where all contents services of BORA in game, entertainment and sports are put up in one spot and keeps developing a digital content-specialized blockchain ecosystem by attracting about 20 companies renowned in blockchain technology, game and intellectual property (IP) into the governance council.

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