Shutterstock Partners with Greenlight Getting Exclusive Access to Rights-Bound Content

Industry Leader for Rights Clearance, Greenlight Teams up with Shutterstock to Provide Access to Gated Content for the Latter’s Clients

Shutterstock’s platform is popular among marketers because it allows them to extract volumes of content for designer marketing campaigns. Be it photographs, footage, music or editing, the company has been a go-to place for campaign managers to leverage on superior content. As a gesture to thank businesses for their patronage, Shutterstock has now partnered with Greenlight, a leader in enabling access to content that is gated by content owner rights.

Shutterstock and greenlightrights

This partnership allows brands to access memorabilia of a long list of dignitaries some of whom are:

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Steve McQueen
  3. Whitney Houston
  4. Sophia Loren
  5. Thomas Edison

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Brands are always on the lookout for getting first-hand access to exclusive content. Buying this content will mean that brands can leverage on the star-power of individuals such as the aforementioned ones and drive a very high amount of traffic towards their web offerings.

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“We are thrilled to be working with an industry leader in this space to bring preferential rights clearance services to our customers,” said Shutterstock’s GM of Editorial, Donna Granato. “The exclusive relationships that Greenlight has with some of the most recognized and respected icons gives our customers the edge when licensing this imagery for commercial purposes. As specialists, Greenlight can help get most editorial images in the Shutterstock collection licensed for our clients’ commercial needs, such as branded campaigns and product launches.”

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“Clearing and licensing third-party rights for commercial use can be a daunting task,” explained Tamra Knepfer, Senior Vice President, Greenlight. “Some people may be hesitant to use the best content simply due to tight timelines and potential legal complexities. However, with Greenlight’s experience and expertise, we make it easy and simplify the process, opening up limitless new opportunities for commercial uses of Shutterstock’s image and video libraries.  With this partnership, Shutterstock clients will be able to easily explore clearance and licensing options, not just across the portfolio of icons Greenlight represents, but for any third party rights.”

Greenlight is exceptionally efficient when it comes to clearing rights for content that is highly valued. The company covers important personalities from the field of sports, science, history, cinema, music et al. With an experience that spans three decades catering to worldwide brands and agencies, the association will further raise Shutterstock’s value among marketers.

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