Mindmatrix Stands Out in 2018 as the ONLY Vendor Supporting Both, Direct and Indirect Sales Workflows in One Platform

As 2018 Draws to an End, Mindmatrix Proves Itself to Be a Strong Performer in the PRM Space with Its Unmatched Ability to Bring Direct and Channel Sales Enablement on One Platform

As 2018 ends, Mindmatrix emerges as the ONLY solution that allows customers to manage all of their sales channels (direct and indirect) from one, single platform. As a strong performer in the PRM space, Mindmatrix stands out for its unique functionality that works to enable both, direct and indirect sales.

According to Mindmatrix, bringing channel and sales onto the same platform can help companies improve operational efficiency by 45%, and cut cost of ownership by 15+%.

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Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, says, “Mindmatrix has been evolving ahead of the industry to meet the needs of the industry participants on time. With 20+ years of industry experience backing us, we could see very clearly that the future of enablement is in bringing the various sales channels together on a single platform. And, that’s what we decided to focus on in 2018. We wanted to bring to the market a SINGLE channel AND sales enablement solution, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. Offering unmatched visibility, flexibility and control across all user-roles, Mindmatrix is one of the most intuitive platform in the industry today and certainly the only one to offer end-to-end sales, channel and marketing enablement.”

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Mindmatrix offers Channel & Sales Enablement software for direct and indirect sales channels. Mindmatrix is the only provider of a Single Unified Platform that combines PRM software, Direct Sales and Channel Enablement, Channel Marketing Software, Marketing Automation software and Marketing Asset Management. Mindmatrix takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your salespeople and channel partners to sell more, faster.

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