Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Editor Equips Businesses with Superior Document Handling Capabilities

The PrizmDoc Editor Is Accusoft’s Latest Addition to the Increasingly Popular Line of PrizmDoc Products. The Document Editing Software Is an Embeddable Browser-Based Document Editor.

Accusoft released PrizmDoc Editor on 2nd October, 2018. PrizmDoc Editor is designed for the specific purpose of helping developers enable enterprise clients with easier document editing and collaboration capabilities. The software will substantially enhance application functionality and editing of documents.

Typically users will download documents, edit them, attach them to emails and send them. This process leads to a high chance of losing document track in long threads of emails. Users can bid adieu to this tedious and confusing process by using the PrizmDoc Editor to edit documents.

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The key feature of PrizmDoc Editor is that users can track changes, make comments, and collaborate simultaneously. These provisions are made by Accusoft internally in a dedicated developer application. The platform is highly secure and allows internal and external peers to work in tandem from several demographic locations.

PrizmDoc Editor is compatible with every platform and language. This helps enterprises integrate the software into various types of CMS, CRMs, etc.

Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft, said, “We are proud to continue our tradition of building SDKs and APIs, designed to shorten development cycles by providing code that is easy for developers to integrate into an application. PrizmDoc Editor is another easy-to-integrate tool that not only answers our customers’ requests for secure document editing but also saves them valuable development time.”

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The key features of PrizmDoc Editor include:

  • Font substitution
  • Commenting
  • Table support
  • Hyperlink support
  • Spell check

“Electronic document management systems can provide document security, but that isn’t always the best way to ensure your information stays safe. For example, when a document is downloaded, distribution can no longer be controlled. PrizmDoc Editor provides in-browser document editing, ensuring that content never leaves the system while users collaborate,” says Mark Fears, Product Manager, PrizmDoc.

Furthermore, the software can be deployed on the Cloud as well as in an on-premise environment. Click here for complete information on how PrizmDoc Editor works.

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