Bruce Clay Launches New Type of WordPress SEO Plugin To Give Publishers a Competitive Edge

Search marketing firm Bruce Clay Inc. launched a new WordPress SEO plugin, Bruce Clay SEO WP. Powered by the company’s proprietary SEOToolSet SaaS software, the new plugin gives needed SEO insights to writers and publishers directly in WordPress. Its patent-pending on-page SEO recommendations are customized per keyword, and integrated analytics shows users how content pages are performing in search.

The plugin can be used with either the Gutenberg or classic editor interface in WordPress versions 4.5 or higher. It is also fully compatible with Yoast SEO plugins.

“This new product is designed to fill gaps left by existing SEO plugins,” said Bruce Clay, president and founder of Bruce Clay Inc. “WordPress sites can run it alongside Yoast to provide missing data and features that publisher sites need to be very competitive in search.”

Unlike other SEO plugins, which use hard-coded guidelines, the Bruce Clay SEO plugin analyzes the top-ranking Google search results for each keyword in real time. It then produces on-page guidance such as recommended keyword usage and word count ranges for the page’s meta tags, body content, and more. This enables writers to not just guess anymore.

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“Data on what the search engine is rewarding lets us set keyword and content targets. That gives writers a competitive edge over sites optimizing strictly on best guesses,” explained Clay. “Nobody should believe that every page needs to be 1000 words.”

The software also checks for missing or duplicate titles, descriptions and other issues that can hurt SEO. Alerts on the dashboard tell users what needs to be fixed to optimize their content.

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Integrations with Google Search Console and Google Analytics are also game-changing. Publishers can view performance data per post and per author within WordPress. “Most writers do not know how their content performs, so they’re blind to what is and isn’t working,” said Clay. For each page, WordPress users can see key data like: search queries driving traffic to the page, number of search clicks, average time on page, and average position in Google results. The plugin dashboard also reveals the top posts and top authors so that all contributors can see the impact of their writing.

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