Bytedance Partners With BAIR Lab To Foster Future AI Innovators And Entrepreneurs

Bytedance to Sponsor First and Second-Year Students at the Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab

Bytedance, a leading technology company operating content platforms that enable people to connect with, consume, and create content through machine learning technology, announced that it will collaborate with the University of California, Berkeley to support academic programs at its Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab. The Bytedance AI Lab and BAIR will also look to further explore joint research projects and academic exchanges.

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab brings together UC Berkeley researchers across the disciplines of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. BAIR includes over twenty faculty members and more than a hundred graduate students pursuing research on fundamental advances in AI technologies, including multi-modal deep learning, human-compatible AI, and connecting AI with other scientific disciplines and the humanities.

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Bytedance has been dedicated to enhancing the content experience through AI technology, offering a global portfolio of content discovery platforms and interactive entertainment services. The Bytedance AI Lab is innovating and advancing state-of-the-art technology that enhances the entire lifecycle of the content experience – from creation to moderation to interaction. Staffed by world-class scientists and researchers, the Bytedance AI Lab focuses on basic research as well as product development, by placing lab team members side by side with product teams for direct experience with users and real-life product applications.

Wei-Ying Ma

“Bytedance looks for opportunities to support and engage with the best minds in the world, and the prestigious BAIR Lab is a center of gravity for young AI talent and internationally recognized leaders in their fields. We appreciate the opportunity to foster new scientists, ambitious inventors and future entrepreneurs dedicated to solving challenges,” said, Wei-Ying Ma, Head AI Lab, Bytedance.

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“We appreciate the resources provided by Bytedance as an industry affiliate. It is valuable for BAIR Lab’s students and researchers to have the support of businesses applying AI technologies in changing and challenging real-world scenarios,” said Trevor Darrell, Professor & Co-Director, BAIR Lab.

Bytedance actively promotes cooperation between industries, universities, and research institutions to further basic research and transformational scientific development. The company is participating in several ongoing joint programs with prestigious institutions, including UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the China Computer Federation(CCF), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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