Conductor and LinkResearchTools Add Muscle to Sling up Search Strategies

The Partnership Will Help Brands Enhance The Efficiency And Excellence Of Organic Marketing 

conductor + linkresearchtools
The ‘central nervous system’ of SEO and content marketing is getting a major boost with the latest announcement by Conductor and LinkResearchTools.

Conductor, a content creation and optimization platform has announced a strategic alliance with LinkResearchTools, a provider of website link optimization and analytics in real time. This partnership will allow SEO professionals around the world to get better, deeper insights into link data.

The Power of SEO in the Modern Context

Link building and backlinks continue to be a pain point for SEO teams and marketers. Despite significant innovations in content automation, marketers remain at the mercy of executing traditional search marketing plans, largely due to lack of data-backed technology. For site performance, SEO is the backbone, and backlinks, the motor nerves that drive traffic back to the site.

For an SEO strategy to succeed, the critical aspects are backlink and link creation sub-strategies. Today, acquiring high quality links is becoming tedious, and hence Conductor was not quite getting their data to seep into them. Therefore, the company has opted for the technology offered by LinkResearchTools to resolve the challenges faced by their customers with regards to those critical aspects of search.

The Inspiration to Partner with LinkResearchTools

It all began when Katherine Heisler, Director, Strategic Alliances, Conductor, attended the BrightonSEO conference in September 2017 where she met Christoph Cemper, Founder and CEO, LinkResearchTools. Back then, Heisler was the Director of Partner Development. On meeting Cemper, she was quick to realize that LinkResearchTools’ approach towards creating links was in sync with the data-centric approach of Conductor.

On her return to the lab, the SEO exponents at Conductor were brainstormed on the technology offered by LinkResearchTools. Rest, as they say is history!

The role of link building technology in an SEO game is big. Let’s quickly retrospect this technology. According to Cemper, “Link building and SEO, in general, was the Wild West essentially until 2012. People could throw any kind of links to a site and make it rank. Google stopped that with smarter algorithms and a whole new era of link evaluation.”

The abovementioned shift set a mandate for the execution of efficient link building strategies. From the present day perspective, Cemper opines, “Today link building is a very data-driven, big data approach that should use as much as possible data to decide. Only judging a link’s quality by a simple visual approach or “gut feeling” can be very dangerous. That’s why some people think that ‘SEO is dead’ or say, ‘Links are not important’. Even Google confirmed repeatedly that links and content are the most important ranking factors in their algorithm still in 2016 and 2017.”

The alliance with LinkResearchTools rakes in a big data approach for the customers of Conductor. This approach allows them to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities, and acknowledge what is going right or wrong when their content gets discovered on the web. The coming together of the existing robust solutions of Conductor and LinkResearchTools’ data is set to determine a whole new standard of impactful and effective marketing in a customer-first context.

Seth Besmertnik
Seth Besmertnik, CEO & Founder – Conductor

Seth Besmertnik, Founder and CEO, Conductor, states, “Customer-first marketers are obsessed with building meaningful content journeys. It was clear we needed to expand our data set to help our enterprise customers understand how their content is connected online.”

Besmertnik goes on to add that the accuracy and integrity of the data provided by LinkResearchTools helps the customers of Conductor understand the above.

“Customers think in omnichannel terms. We should too. Technologies need to help marketers understand the entire picture – from a customer’s perspective. – Seth Besmertnik to MTS in an interview

LinkResearchTools brings together 25 sources of link data to provide marketers a 360-degree outlook of toxic backlinks’ insights which can jeopardize performance and referring traffic, which, in turn, empowers the knowledge and understanding of the customer journeys throughout the web.

This partnership could be a force of change on how marketers took on search strategies. It is also the fifth strategic collaboration that Conductor has carried out within two years. The previous strategic allies are Keyword Objects, Dragon Metrics, SEMrush, and DeepCrawl. All of them are under the umbrella of the Conductor Partner Ecosystem.

This integration of LinkResearchTools into Conductor is an absolute blessing for the latter’s customers who can now access all the exclusive packages the former offers which are inclusive of the complete set of essential reports and tools for staunch optimization and analysis of backlinks. It could also mean the customer acquisition and retention percentages for Conductor soaring up in 2018. Competitors in the space also need to take notice as well. The reason is that any tool or solution that allows a marketer to do more with search and web content optimization is always embraced.

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