Hygraph Launches New Federated Content Platform for the Era of Composable Architectures

The company is also rebranding from GraphCMS to Hygraph to reflect the renewed product direction

GraphCMS, the company behind the first native GraphQL Headless CMS, has launched their new Federated Content Platform and rebranded itself as Hygraph. The new product direction reflects the company’s renewed commitment to becoming the content layer for demanding product and platform experiences, as well as its expanded focus on Content Federation. With this focus, Hygraph will now offer its user base a suite of features to cut out tedious middleware development, and effortlessly join siloed data from diverse sources into a single API. This novel approach for content unification lets product teams compose services up to 10 times faster than the current methods. The MACH certified company is currently serving more than 50,000 teams across the world including Samsung, Shure, Dr.Oetker and Philips.

“We’re excited about this new chapter in our company’s history.” said CEO and co-founder Michael Lukaszczyk. “Launching the Federated Content Platform as a new product category captures the essence of what we’re all about: we enable building a mesh of connected content graphs to effortlessly manage and distribute content from any source to any destination. The resulting development velocity within composable architectures is simply mind blowing.” The accompanying rebrand also includes a renewed website and brand direction. With this refresh, Hygraph is reaffirming its commitment to helping market leaders unlock the true value of their content.

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Thanks to its recent Series A funding round, Hygraph has been able to embrace the rapid evolution of the content management market towards composability. The result is a platform – also called Hygraph – that is premised on the acceleration of product development cycles, thanks to the company’s ‘Content Federation’ meta-layer.

Content Federation lets users extend the Hygraph GraphQL Content API with other services by connecting remote sources into the global API schema. This eliminates the need to centralize critical and dynamically changing data into a central content hub and eliminates the risk of inconsistent and outdated data, since the original source stays the source of truth.

With Hygraph, development & product teams have access to a cutting-edge expressive GraphQL content API with low-code schema building capabilities, content collaboration & governance features, and a worldwide content delivery network – all of which help technical teams to improve performance and achieve their goals.

Christopher Kühn, CRO of Hygraph, has announced that the company will be rebranding in order to reflect its growing traction and unique positioning in the market. He has added, “The new brand is well aligned with the accelerated adoption of best-of-breed technology stacks and Hygraph’s unique opportunity to become the backend agnostic content middle layer in this emerging hyper trend.”

The Hygraph name is rooted in an amalgamation of Hypertext, one of the most important concepts behind the World Wide Web, and graph data structures which aligns well with the company’s vision of a future where the majority of the information humans and machines will process are highly complex, structured and connected.

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