Kwikee Announces New Enhancements to Drive Ecommerce

The Leading Platform for the Management and Distribution of Branded Visual Content and Data Offers Brands and Retailers Enhanced API and Greater Retail-Export Functionality, Among Other New Features

Kwikee, the leading platform for the management and distribution of branded product content and data for consumer-products manufacturers and retailers, is relaunching as an enhanced e-commerce engine for brands and retailers. The relaunch includes multiple service enhancements that improve the development, management and distribution of product images, assets and data across digital marketing channels.

These updates allow manufacturers to centralize, control and update all brand assets within Kwikee for easy use and distribution. Retailers can still instantly obtain free and accurate brand assets and customized content. Specific updates include an enhanced product library with intuitive search tools that work on any device; a retail-export option with access to 19 different retailer exports and automated delivery to 60 additional retailers and third parties, sparing clients the hassle of configuring complex data mappings; and a new version of the Kwikee API, which offers a more robust, structured data model that handles elaborate product entities.

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“With the enhancements made during the past 12 months – combined with the resources at our disposal from the broader sgsco team – Kwikee continues to be the most robust e-commerce offering in the market,” said Rob McCarthy, CMO and president of digital for sgsco, Kwikee’s parent company. “Consumers expect easy access to detailed product information, such as pack images, infographics, image tiles, mobile images, relative-size imagery and video, to make informed buying decisions. We are now starting to see tangible and quantifiable evidence of the impact that optimizing product content and engaging e-commerce experiences have had on brand sales.”

“For more than 50 years, manufacturers and retailers have trusted Kwikee to deliver the right images at the right time through the right marketing channel,” said McCarthy. “For Kwikee to continue to thrive and provide the best service to its clients, we had to expand and enhance the suite of e-commerce services to offer a seamless end-to-end solution for the creation, management and distribution of brand assets and data. The significant investment made in new technology allows Kwikee to stay ahead of the curve, and it broadens the services and functionality our clients need today and in the future.”

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