Mostly Serious, a Full-Service Digital Agency, Launches New Website for The Community Foundation of the Ozarks

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), a facilitator of charitable giving, scholarships, and grantmaking for communities in the southwest Mo. region, has partnered with the agency since 2011

A Refreshed Website That Offers Resources, Information

Mostly Serious’s custom web design for the CFO is a dramatic shift from the previous site’s functionality, appearance, and ease of information access, creating a more streamlined browsing experience for the CFO’s various audiences. Public visitors to the new site can now follow a more actionable menu to browse a variety of directories and engage with the CFO’s services and initiatives. The site’s assortment of customized directories makes it easier than ever for visitors to browse the CFO’s 49 affiliates as well as available funds, scholarships, grants, and other resources.

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The site can be accessed at

Mostly Serious worked closely with the CFO team to establish objectives and goals for the new site, which was supported by careful analyses of other community foundations’ digital presence and user behaviors on the CFO’s previous site. Before the CFO’s website redesign was underway, all project stakeholders were aligned on the need for streamlined navigation, simplified messaging, and the reprioritization of resources ranging from financial reports to downloadable forms.

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“We worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the CFO team to create an all-new site experience that leads users to the services and resources they most need and encourages the community to give back through this incredible organization,” said Jessica Spencer, Mostly Serious’s creative director.

Built with Craft CMS

As a verified Craft CMS agency partner, Mostly Serious excels in creating websites that are supported by the emerging content management system platform. Mostly Serious built the CFO’s new website in Craft CMS to provide the organization features such as easy content editing and exceptional security as well as maximized site speed and overall performance. The CFO’s website management team favored the switch to Craft CMS.

“Since we transitioned from using an outdated CMS on our old site to relying on the Craft CMS for our new one, managing our website is so much easier,” said Aaron Scott, the CFO’s director of communications and marketing. “We launched our new site with more than 2,500 content items in the database. With the flexibility in organization and searchability of Craft CMS, finding and updating those existing items has been fast and simple.”

“From giving platforms that have helped raise millions of dollars for communities in need to strategic planning and visioning, it’s been an honor to partner with the CFO for these past eight years,” said Jarad Johnson, president of Mostly Serious. “We’re thrilled with the result of the CFO’s new website and the role it’s going to play for community members and partnering organizations for years to come.”

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