Storyblok’s CMS Report Reveals Enterprises Are Still Scared of Omnichannel Content Experiences

The percentage of enterprises interested in delivering content to voice-activated speakers, AR/VR, and smartwatches is in the single digits

Storyblok, an enterprise headless CMS that enables developers and marketers to deliver powerful content experiences on any digital platform, today announced the release of The State of Content Management 2022 report. This report analyzes survey results from professionals across a wide range of industries throughout the United States, UK, Germany, and Sweden about how they manage content in their organizations.

Despite claims that many enterprises are pursuing more advanced omnichannel content platforms, the data shows that companies are still taking a cautious approach and mostly sticking with websites and mobile apps. When asked which platforms and channels they serve with their CMS, 7.2% said voice-activated speakers, 6.6% said AR/VR, and only 3.7% said smartwatches.

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While there is an increase in interest in some of these areas for the future, the data shows that they’re still on the lowest end of the scale. When asked which platforms and channels they plan to serve with their CMS in the future, 9.6% said voice-activated speakers, 6.5% said AR/VR, and 5.1% said smartwatches.

“This data proves that enterprise adoption of newer content platforms has a long way to go, but we’re still in the early days of advanced digital transformation projects,” said Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyblok. “Once more companies understand how a headless CMS makes it possible for one content hub to easily publish content everywhere, the growth of omnichannel content experiences will accelerate at a much more rapid pace.”

Some other findings from the report include the following:

  • 47.96% use 2 to 3 CMSs in their organization
  • 47.08% said 2 to 3 different teams use the CMS in their organization
  • 35.5% said time-consuming processes were a pain point that made them move to a CMS
  • 34.91% use a headless CMS
  • 82.91% of businesses have seen improvements in ROI, budget, and performance since making the switch to a headless CMS

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