Website Builders With the Biggest and Best App Stores

Apps add one more enormous level of customization to your website, and whether you’re looking for a specific niche function or a massive variety of fun toys, an app store might be the thing to sway you toward a specific platform to build your website.

Rather than having to sign up for each service just to see their app stores, let’s go over some of the best website builder app stores out there, and see who offers the most robust collection of apps.


Weebly has a massive app store that lets you customize your website however you want. It offers very basic options, like a “scroll to top” button, as well as more complex add-ons, like a paid membership option for your site.

Some of these apps are free, especially the more basic ones. However, looking at the more complex options – such as chat support – shows some prices reaching a monthly payment of $199.

Some apps offer differently priced plans, with lower tiers offering fewer features at a lower price. Couple this with apps that are entirely free, along with free trials of priced apps, and you’ll have a lot to play around with when customizing your website.

Weebly also sorts its app market into convenient categories, like apps that help you increase your sales, boost your traffic, or increase your social media presence, so it’s very easy to find something that works for you.

Top picks:

Social media stream: All your social media can be bundled together in one feed for easy viewing on your website. It costs $9.95 a month.

Paid membership: If you’re offering some kind of premium service, the paid membership app allows you to gate off parts of your website to those who don’t subscribe to a paid membership. The plans range from $9.97 to $29.97 a month.


As the name might suggest, Shopify is a website builder intended specifically for e-commerce. Shopify offers a robust app marketplace, offering over 4,200 extensions. These range from things that help you manage your business, like loyalty programs and chatbots, to more broader online services, like security and customer support.

Some of these are entirely free, while others require subscription fees. However, priced apps usually offer free trials that range from a week to several months. Some priced apps also offer tiers – meaning you can use a barebones version of the app for free, and level up if you’d like to expand your features.

Top picks:

SMSBump: If you’re trying to entice willing customers with offers or sales, SMSBump allows you to send texts to those who have signed up for your service. It’s also free to install!

Junip Product Reviews: Harness the power of social proof, and let your customers speak for your product. This review attachment allows people to see ratings and written reviews, all for $14 a month.


Wix’s app store is one of its main appeals, with 300 carefully curated apps on offer. Offering photo editors, promotion calendars, product printing, and more, there’s a wide range of things you can do on Wix.

Wix also constantly releases its own new apps, designed in-house. Apps like Wix Bookings and Wix Music can be easily downloaded and integrated into your site. All of these apps are free, or offer a free plan.

The app store itself is very sleek and easy to navigate, perhaps the best of any store discussed here. The features and price structures of ita apps are easy to understand, so you’ll be in complete control of what’s happening with your site.

Top picks:

WEB-STAT: If you’re looking to monitor your site’s traffic in real time, down to the smallest minutiae, WEB-STAT is the add-on for you. It allows you to track location, duration, and click path, and even offers a free plan.

Get Google Ads: If you’re looking to expand your customer base, Get Google Ads allows you to advertise your site on Google search result pages, for just $75 a month.


Squarespace didn’t offer an app market for their first few years of operation, but have recently implemented an extension store. There aren’t many extensions available yet, making it the smallest store discussed in this article.

Every app on offer is related to running a store – whether it’s managing your customers or keeping on top of your taxes, these extensions are all intended to make the logistics behind your business easier to manage.

These extensions range from free to $75 a month. On average, each app will cost around $30 a month.

Top picks:

TaxJar: Save money and time when doing your business taxes, and allow TaxJar to automatically assess what you owe. It starts at $17 a month.

Shippo: If you’re sending products physically, you won’t have to worry about printing and attaching labels to your boxes. Shippo will print labels with tracking information, for only 5 cents a label.

Who doesn’t offer an app store?

It’s handy to know who has good app markets, but it’s also helpful to know which website builders have no kind of app store. In case you thought we missed these well-known website builders, allow us to confirm that they don’t have app markets, or at least offer very limited alternatives.

Duda: Duda has an interesting alternative in the form of a widget builder. With this, you can design your own apps for your users to use. While you might need some skills to recreate more extensive apps, it’s still a nice addition to their website builder.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy has yet to implement an app store into their services.

Wrapping up

So what’s the definitive answer for the best app store on a website builder? We can knock out Squarespace, as they only offer 22 apps. It’s a good start, and hopefully, more will trickle their way onto the store, but they’ve some way still to go.

Shopify can go too. Their apps are good, and there are literally thousands of them, but since they all focus on online marketplaces, you couldn’t use them to their full potential for things like blogs or news sites.

So it’s between Wix and Weebly. And when it boils down to these two, you really can’t go wrong. You could find an app on either store that could serve whatever need you have, so you shouldn’t fret if you’re torn between these two builders.

The app stores are so similar in variety, numbers, and structure that it really does come down to a tie. If it’s not a tie, it’s so close that it’s virtually impossible to tell – so you might want to base your decision between the two on other factors.

These app stores are only expanding with time. Who knows if Wix or Weebly will pull ahead? Or maybe Squarespace will implement more and more apps and become a dark horse in the contest? Only time will tell, but for now, you couldn’t go wrong with Wix or Weebly.

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