Lessor Group Counts on Agillic to Personalize Customer Experiences

Omnichannel marketing software company Agillic is going to support Lessor Group in building data-driven and personalized communication. The company offers payroll and HR solutions and operates internationally. It has made customer-centricity a strategic priority in its efforts to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and maximize the customer lifetime value.

In recent years Lessor Group has transformed its business from a primarily product-oriented company towards a customer-centric organization. Relevant and personalized customer communication at all touchpoints, digital as well as physical, plays a significant role in this shift and is now enabled from the Agillic platform.

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Says Inger Østergaard, Marketing Director of Lessor Group: “We want to engage our customers on a 1:1 basis. We want to understand their individual needs and act accordingly to provide premium service and customer experiences. Today, more than ever, relevance and intelligent personalization are vital to customer satisfaction and revenue.” She continues:

“Marketing automation and personalization are not new to Lessor. With Agillic integrated into our data sources, we have a more capable platform. This will help us drive business value from our communication in our two key markets – Denmark and Germany – and support us as we scale our business into new markets.”

The communication will cater to existing clients with personalized and value-adding content matching the individual stages of the customer lifecycle to maximize the customer lifetime value. One of the objectives is also to nurture potential customers who have taken an interest in any of Lessor Group’s solutions. Automated flows will provide personalized content, and it is the ambition to increase the engagement level and conversion rate significantly.

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Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic: ”I am looking forward to seeing Lessor thrive on the relation between automated personalization, customer satisfaction, and profits. Most businesses are committed to bringing down the customer acquisition cost and increasing the revenue per customer. And, just like Lessor, they are looking to data-driven and personalized communication to achieve it.”

To lay the foundations and establish the infrastructure for a data-driven and customer-oriented business, Agilic’s partner, NexusOne, is integrating across Lessor’s platforms and source systems. This will, among other things, enable a more agile communication, as information regarding the customer will always be up to date.

Says Villy Gravengaard, CEO, NexusOne: “Several of our clients are using Agillic successfully, and I am certain Lessor will benefit from Agillic. The combined competencies of NexusOne and Agillic offer tangible business value to the clients, and we are excited to work with Lessor and put our ideas and skills into practice.”

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