Leonovus Joins Artificial Intelligence Affiliate Network

Leonovus Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to become an Affiliate of AI Partnerships Corp (“AIP”). AIP is establishing a world-wide network of artificial intelligence (“AI”) solution integrators targeting small to medium-sized companies who typically have had limited access to AI because of the cost and complexity of implementation. The AIP network solves the access problem by providing a global network of focused AI system integrators.

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Leonovus technology is a potential core resource for many of the Affiliate companies as our data ingestion tools and intelligent data lakes feed AI systems. In addition, our hyper-secure smart data management technology addresses two critical issues related to the massive growth of data – cost management and protection.

“AIPs affiliate network has the potential to expand our market penetration and revenues dramatically. Our ability to securely capture and feed smarter data to AI systems greatly improves the insight delivered to the end customer – a valuable addition to Affiliate partners. Networking and training the affiliate network on Leonovus capabilities is our core focus over the next several months,” said Michael Gaffney, Chair and CEO Leonovus Inc.

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“AIP welcomes Leonovus as the latest member of our Affiliate network which consists of over 40 companies with offices in 12 countries. Leonovus brings amazing expertise and data management resources to help our affiliates and their clients with their projects, as their offerings provide access to storage solutions that untether their data, allowing them to embrace cloud storage securely, simply, and cost-effectively while giving users the flexibility to deal with the ever-evolving cloud storage landscape. This will allow our affiliates and their clients to implement AI/ML technologies, while at the same time allowing them to reduce costs and remain competitive with larger players in their industry,” said Dr. Tom Corr, CEO of AIP.