AUTHLIO and FIRESIDE Partner to Bring AI-Powered Content to Small Business Marketing

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Content marketing has remained broken for many years. Using AI-generated writing briefs, AUTHLIO has eliminated these long-standing problems, and thanks to a partnership with FIRESIDE, has now developed an affordable content marketing solution for small business owners.

Small business owners face a dilemma when producing content. On one end of the scale they can pay for high volume, low quality, super cheap blog posts, and on the other they can opt for low volume, high quality, expensive editorial pieces.

The low quality blog posts aren’t liked by Google or humans, but many small businesses simply don’t have the budget to be paying $1,500 for the higher quality.

AUTHLIO is a new type of content company that fills that gap between the two content types.

AUTHLIO uses an AI system that analyzes a Client’s topic, whether it be CBD oils, DIY divorce, destination weddings, etc, and builds a model in its mind of the audience that is seeking that content, as well as Google’s own interpretation of that topic.

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For the audience, AUTHLIO determines who is searching, but much more importantly, why they are searching that topic. What underlying problem are they trying to solve? What questions are they trying to get answers to?

The output is a series of intelligent writing briefs that are handed to a team of professional writers, all of whom have at least a bachelor’s degree and are native English speakers. The briefs guide the writer on headline and subheading choice, as well as keywords, keyword density, and the actual questions the audience is interested in hearing about.

This process saves the writers approximately 75% of their time, bringing the price of high quality articles down from $1,500 to less than $400.

“When our Clients receive their content from AUTHLIO,” says Brittany Sarconi, Chief Fire Starter at FIRESIDE, “they already know it’s going to work with Google’s algorithms for ranking, AND that it is going to resonate with the audience that it is looking to help!”

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FIRESIDE Clients also receive an output from the AI process that lists the questions the audience has in their mind. “We do this in part by using the growing volume of voice searches that are happening using smart devices,” says Dax Hamman, Founder at AUTHLIO, “When we type a search we tend to enter a statement, but when we perform a voice search, human nature is to ask a question instead. These questions are a gold mine for a brand to gain a deeper understanding of its audience.”

The new partnership between the two companies brings AUTHLIO’s services in line with FIRESIDE’s fixed price of $500 per month, per service. Each FIRESIDE Client opting for the content service will receive 1.5 articles per month, the AI learnings, and a licensed image for each piece of content.

Sarconi adds that “small business owners often can not compete with bigger brands with deeper pockets, especially when it comes to content. As is our mission, we are helping to eliminate that problem with partnerships like this.”

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