CRM Must Continue to Evolve in the Wake of COVID-19, Says ERP Advisors Group

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ERP Advisors Group hosted a conference call and live podcast to explore “The Evolving Role of CRM Systems in the Wake of COVID-19.”

Shawn Windle, the Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, noted that even though CRM software is arguably the largest of all software markets, CRM systems are not always used to their fullest potential.

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“With distributed sales and customer support teams, having centralized CRM and ERP tools to manage exactly what’s happening in real time can help prevent a disaster. There’s a lot of great tools out there, but actually using them and unlocking that functionality is the most important thing.”

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast providers.

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COVID-19 and social distancing have required rethinking in-person interactions, which in turn has meant putting more rigor and emphasis on what CRM tools can accomplish.

“Sales teams have had to make a lot of adjustments,” said Windle. “And when you see behaviors change, that’s when the software has to change. Software is just a reflection of how people do things, and CRMs have had to evolve to be more effective.”

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