Contentgine Unveils Groundbreaking Content Indication Platform Enabling Marketers to Gain New Insights into Business-to-Business Intent and Content Engagement

Industry-First Platform to Advance Category Content Consumption Analysis

Contentgine , the world leader in content-based marketing, unveiled its Content Indication Platform, also known as “CIP,” for use by business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales teams across 120 major product categories. The online SaaS platform provides access to Contentgine’s proprietary and 100% first-party account intent and categorical content insights that allow for expansion and prioritization of target account lists and content consumption intelligence.

CIP mines one billion engagement signals quarterly from content interactions with the world’s largest B2B library of more than 500,000 case studies, white papers, and eBooks to deliver advanced market intelligence. The platform identifies personalized content consumption patterns of tens of millions of professionals to create smarter target account lists, higher performing content, and better prospect engagement.

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The CIP platform captures these engagements to determine 360-degree intent—with complete contact, company, and content consumption visibility. In addition, because Contentgine knows the exact asset consumed, it provides industry-leading content intelligence, comparing performance within product categories to give organizations more insights into how their content compares to competitors.

“There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment,” said Tim Ribich, chief product officer. “This information includes which prospects are most active in a specific product category, the specific research behaviors within those prospect accounts, and which content is performing well in the market. These insights ultimately give teams a deeper understanding of product categories and a broader set of data to enhance their lead generation programs and hone their marketing efforts.”

Rebecca Carr, Chief Marketing Officer for Tangoe, said, “It is impossible to overstate how important a tool like CIP is to my content marketing team. We not only get transparent purchasing intent signals that allow us to understand organizations in the market for offerings like ours, but we can also derive content consumption data for ourselves and our competitors. This has led to having a data-informed approach to content marketing, something that just didn’t exist at this scale before CIP.”

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Noting that his company continues to blaze a trail as the first content-based marketing provider, Chief Operating Officer Paul Hong said, “Our express goal is to make CIP the premiere marketing intelligence platform for business-to-business marketing and sales professionals. The corpus of data that we create when our Perpetual Engine® methodology serves content from our library to interested prospects gives us information that no one is able to provide at this scale and depth.”

Hong added, “Our CIP platform holds great promise for accelerating insights for content marketers that we are now sharing with the industry. For example, we just announced our “Content Top 5″ series in which each episode reveals the top five performing assets in a particular product category. Content marketing expert, Robert Rose, is hosting the series and the analysis is eye opening.”

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