NetLine Corporation Research Analyzes 8.5 Million Leads to Aid B2B Marketers’ 2017 Content Strategy

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B2B marketing success in today’s competitive environment is dependent upon making smarter decisions driven by actionable data. Increasingly, marketers will need to rely on insights being discovered by third party marketing technology stack solutions with direct access to the data versus their own company’s internal stakeholders.

Performance-based goals have led to stricter forms of measurement holding marketers accountable for their budget and ROI, emphasizing the importance of lead-based and revenue-driving opportunities.

Marketers must optimize their demand generation strategy to drive meaningful and measurable results.

NetLine Corporation has identified 3 key opportunities to leverage at each stage of your strategy to drive success in 2017

  • Optimize your content strategy for all stages of the funnel.
  • Pivot your targeting strategy to build deeper influence within an organization.
  • Improve conversion by realigning your nurture strategy with long-form consumption trends


Content marketing has been identified as a leading tool contributing to B2B marketing success in the past year. In the B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America Report by Content Marketing Institute, 85% of marketers identified ‘high quality content creation’ as their number one reason for success last year, and more than half of marketers stated that focuses on ‘content strategy’ and ‘content distribution’ were critical to their success.

Demand Gen Report published the 2017 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey asking B2B marketers how they would be measured this year. Of the marketers surveyed, 54% reported having a revenue-based quota included in their goals, and 45% of marketers reported having a lead-based quota included in their goals to measure their marketing department’s performance.

Marketers are finding that content has the potential to be a top driver of success for their organization; however, are faced with direct challenges of connecting content to their performance goals surrounding pipeline development. To implement the most effective content marketing strategy this year, marketers must focus on executing content campaigns with direct attribution to their lead-based and revenue-based goals.


NetLine The 2017 State of Content Consumption and Demand Report for B2B Marketers Research Report is a deep dive look at the real content consumption data and content syndication lead generation marketing campaigns run in the past 12 months on the NetLine Corporation Network.

NetLine Corporation analyzed more than 8 million content requests and leads processed to profile the active audience researching business topics and the competitive landscape of marketers targeting the active audience to extract meaningful insights B2B marketers will need to optimize their content marketing and lead generation strategies this year. The NetLine Corporation Network is the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network available on the web today and features the largest data set for B2B marketers to learn from and utilize to achieve quality growth and scale for their organization.

The 2017 State of Content Consumption and Demand Report is available now, download the report.

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