Neongecko Inc. Launches “Neon AI Nano HTML” to Add Conversational AI to Websites

Website Designers Can Now Add a Powerful Desktop AI Assistant to Standard Webpages Inc. unveiled the “Neon AI Nano HTML” to enable website designers to quickly and easily add conversational AI to webpages. Neon AI Nano can be added to webpages with standard HTML. Conversational AI results can be input from Neon AI with a simple “paste” command.

Recent market data shows that typing will be used for less than 50% of searches in 2020, and voice will be used for more than 50% of human computer interactions by 2025, so now is the time for website designers to embrace new conversation processing tools.

With Neon AI, users are empowered to use voice commands for gathering helpful information from a company’s website, scheduling events, searching the web, home automation, real-time language translation, transcriptions, conversions, math solutions, voice-controlled lights and devices, and much more. In the middle of an application while scheduling an event, a user can click the microphone button and get weather forecast information to decide on scheduling. On a travel site, users can ask for a conversion from dollars to euros and meters to miles.

Neon AI Nano is compatible with Content Management Systems, like WordPress and Drupal, and can be added to such websites in under a minute.

Remarkably, Neon AI can be added to standard webpages in one line of HTML. The one line of Neon AI HTML is powered by millions of lines of code, as well as public and private data, through the Neon AI servers.

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Corporate developers can use the Neon AI Nano HTML for voice access to company databases, with their own custom in-house skills. Neon AI Nano is a customizable Desktop Assistant based on the “Neon AI SDK,” a “white label solution” since it can be customized to seamlessly provide interactive conversational input and output for applications and databases, with the flexibility of conversational AI, and embedded in a webpage. Think Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana – with source code for software developers and hardware designers.

For the announcement, Richard Leeds, Founder and President of Neongecko, said: “Our Neon AI Nano HTML and Neon AI SDK enable integrating voice into existing applications and into new applications in many fields, from business to homes to medicine to gaming to marketing. The future is voice, not keyboards.”

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