Brilliant Earth Drives Year Over Year Email Conversion Rate with Sailthru

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Sailthru, the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, announced that Brilliant Earth, the leading retailer of ethically sourced fine jewelry, has achieved a year-over-year increase in conversion rate after they recently selected the platform for their personalized marketing needs.

“Sailthru’s agility was game-changing to our business. We now have a customer ecosystem with email as a key part. I am a huge fan of the product and I can’t wait to make more of everything it offers,” said Lisa Perlmutter, VP of Ecommerce at Brilliant Earth.

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In addition to the approachable, yet robust product capabilities, Brilliant Earth was impressed by the strength of peer recommendations and by the expertise and support of the customer service team. These elements were particularly important given Brilliant Earth’s desire to quickly and efficiently ramp their personalized email marketing capabilities.

Brilliant Earth had just moved onto the Sailthru platform in March, at the onset of COVID-19 which increased the urgency around refining and re-evaluating their customer messaging strategy. The company worked night and day to create a messaging strategy for their customers. Being able to work directly in Sailthru to build and refine messaging proved to be more collaborative, faster, and more accurate than in their previous platform.

“We were impressed by Sailthru from the start, and we were especially happy to meet our customer success team even before we had implemented the platform. Getting started on the platform was much easier than we expected given how robust the product is, and we quickly started to see the benefits,” said Perlmutter.

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The company is now building out their email program as a more defined marketing channel to drive engagement and ultimately conversions. They are seeing improvements from new A/B testing and personalization and are learning quickly as a result of insights created by their Sailthru account team.

“Brilliant Earth is a perfect partner for Sailthru. They’re committed to personalized marketing and have started testing new strategies to increase engagement with their customers, especially on email. I’m thrilled that they’ve achieved success so early and am excited to see them continue driving these impressive results as they build on their stellar wins with Sailthru,” said Monica Deretich, Lead Retail Advisor to Sailthru.

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