Diennea Launches EmailSuccess For Sending High Volumes Of Emails

Diennea, a Leading Digital Direct Marketing Technology Provider, Launched EmailSuccess, a Proprietary Software Solution for Sending High Volumes of Emails, up to 15 Millions per Day

Diennea, a company specialized in digital direct marketing technologies for over 20 years, recently launched EmailSuccess, a high-performance, on-premises MTA server solution that simplifies sending high volumes of emails and managing deliverability for companies.

The company launched its proprietary software solution at Mailcon. The event, which took place on Saturday, January 6 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, gathered more than 500 email marketers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders operating in the largest industries: financial services, healthcare, home and business services, travel and more.

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Thanks to its twenty years of experience in email delivery solutions, Diennea can provide companies with the whole tech infrastructure for creating, managing and sending multi-channel campaigns. In the campaign management ecosystem, EmailSuccess is the driver of the entire process, as it handles one of the most critical aspects for a company, the inbox placement, i.e. the ability to deliver messages to the recipient’s inbox. The biggest Internet Service Providers are becoming increasingly strict and selective in order to protect recipients. For this reason, now more than ever it is vital to combine list building and campaign creation best practices with reliable and flexible tools for ensuring the highest email delivery rates.

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Diennea Launches EmailSuccess For Sending High Volumes Of Emails
Fabio Masini

“EmailSuccess has been developed with the aim of providing an intelligent and scalable server solution which guarantees full control over the configuration of each individual parameter; with EmailSuccess, individual sending rules can be set for each single ISP, and separate IP pools can be defined; moreover, the latest authentication technologies such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC can be implemented and supported,” explains Fabio Masini, Diennea CTO.

EmailSuccess can be installed quickly and easily and integrated with systems already in place. Thanks to its auto-tuning technology, EmailSuccess decreases the need to handle low-level technical aspects to a minimum; indeed, the system can automatically fine-tune deliverability parameters based upon answers it receives from Internet Service Providers.

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