Email Marketing Generated $42 for Every $1 Spent in 2019

Latest ActivePipe report shows email marketing generates best ROI for real estate agents

ActivePipe, the leading email marketing solution for real estate companies, released a new report titled Digital Marketing in Real Estate: A Guide to Better ROI. The report outlines various digital marketing strategies to show how and where real estate agents should be investing to see the highest ROI.

The report investigates the ROI for pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. Data revealed in Digital Marketing in Real Estate: A Guide to Better ROI shows how real estate agents can maximize their marketing budgets through planned, targeted campaigns. Further, it shows how to capture and nurture leads that turn into clients using the CRM as a map for tracking the client from open house to closed sale.

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“ActivePipe takes considerable interest in the time real estate professionals spend on digital marketing. Time is money, and for agents, time is very valuable. Our email marketing platform is very intuitive and user-friendly, which is why we continue to see such fast adoption rates with brokerages,” said Mike Feller, chief revenue officer of ActivePipe. “Email continues to prove to be the most profitable marketing investment for real estate agents, and this report outlines not just the benefits of using ActivePipe, but a strong assessment of the digital marketing landscape, as well.”

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Digital Marketing in Real Estate outlines two common forms of real estate marketing currently being used by the majority of agents; Interruption and permission marketing. Permission marketing is as simple as it sounds: Marketing to an audience that has granted permission to marketed to (i.e. social media followers, contacts who have opted in newsletters, or emails from open houses.) A common example of interruption marketing is paid advertising – capturing the attention of the audience through advertising, AdWords, placements, etc.

The report also finds how top performers win more than twice the number of listings that go to market compared to average performers because they do three things just a little bit better: contact 100 percent of their leads (not just most of them), contact leads in a shorter time, which both lead to a higher rate of closed transaction sides.

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