How Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns Can Increase Patient Engagement Rates

Email has been one of the most common advertising tools for decades and has only evolved over time. For companies that focus on clinical trial recruitment, it’s imperative that email plays a pivotal role in long-term advertising. When highly-optimized campaigns are built, patient engagement is likely to increase. To this end, fishbat discusses how mobile friendly email marketing campaigns can increase patient engagement rates.

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One of the benefits of a mobile friendly email marketing campaign is the ability to reach a wider audience. As smartphone use increases over time, so will the number of people that use said devices to access information. It’s not uncommon for the everyday person to be on the move; instead of sitting in front of a computer to access information, they can simply pull up a web browser or dedicated app on their phone. To reach this audience, email marketing campaigns must be tailored to mobile in addition to desktop devices.

Another way that mobile friendly email marketing benefits clinical trial recruitment companies is in its automation. It’s important to note that said companies perform a number of tasks each day; they may not have the time or resources for manual marketing. Email marketing’s automated structure goes a long way in streamlining workflow. Just as importantly, it can help increase patient engagement rates. While clinical trial specialists perform day-to-day tasks, email marketing will be carried out on its own.

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There are many forms that email marketing can take, which can help engagement rates further. For instance, a promotional email may be run to let recipients know of holiday deals. These will encourage said recipients to click through to learn more. Another example is a request for a review or follow-up after a clinical trial has been completed. This will allow for honest feedback, helping clinical trial recruitment companies improve. Perhaps the most common email marketing content is a newsletter, which provides industry and company-specific information to the recipient. Email marketing can be as versatile as a clinical trial company would like.

Email marketing is also advantageous in the sense that it’s highly targeted. In addition to CTM patient recruitment ads on social media and other promotional tools, email marketing can help reach the right audience. Prior to a clinical trial, many factors must must be determined. These include, but aren’t limited to, a participant’s age, gender, and geographic location. With these factors, an email marketing campaign can be better targeted, resulting in growing engagement rates.

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