PostcardMania Launches Digital Marketing Division, PCM Digital, as Multichannel Marketing Demand Skyrockets

PostcardMania launches a new division, PCM Digital, to meet increasing demand for multichannel marketing campaigns that integrate direct mail with digital ads.

PostcardMania is pleased to announce the formation of a brand new division, PCM Digital, to meet increasing demand for digital marketing and multichannel direct mail campaigns integrated with digital ads. PCM Digital will run as its own boutique agency offering a full catalog of digital services, including search engine marketing (SEM) with a focus on paid Google, Bing and YouTube ads, social media advertising with a focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, landing page and website development, and search engine optimization (SEO).

PCM Digital’s launch became inevitable after the expansion of PostcardMania’s flagship mutlichannel marketing integration, Everywhere Small Business. Since its inception in 2018, the Everywhere Small Business product has been constantly evolving and flying past projections, with year over year growth at nearly 25% for 2021. What began as a campaign that integrated targeted direct mail marketing with matching Facebook and Google Ads has since expanded its offerings to include Instagram, Gmail, and YouTube ads, plus elements like custom landing pages, QR codes, Informed Delivery, and a robust tracking system that streamlines ad performance across every platform into a single easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard that clients can access from anywhere.

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The success of Everywhere Small Business is driven by the accessibility it grants to small businesses that might otherwise find coordinated multichannel marketing campaigns too expensive or time-consuming to justify. PostcardMania offers complete integrated direct mail and digital marketing campaigns under one roof without costly agency fees.

PCM Digital will continue to expand the capabilities of Everywhere Small Business, growing its reach into new platforms and networks, increase efficiencies to deliver better returns for clients, and ensure revenue-driving digital marketing campaigns are accessible to any mom and pop shop with a desire to expand their client base.

The evolution of Everywhere Small Business isn’t the only thing driving PCM Digital’s formation — its SEM, SEO, Social Media, and Website Development departments have also grown rapidly over the years. From a small team of 3 formed in 2013 offering only Google remarketing services, PCM Digital now employs 22 digital marketing specialists and its revenue has surged 854% since inception.

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When asked for comment, PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa looked toward the future. “PCM Digital is yet another piece of PostcardMania’s evolution towards becoming the country’s premier provider of small business marketing. Our mission has always been to provide small businesses around the country the ability to run digitally integrated direct mail campaigns affordably, at a scale that suits them, and will grow with them. PCM Digital will ensure that these campaigns are more optimized and accessible than ever before.”

PCM Digital will only accelerate PostcardMania’s rapid 2021 growth. It’s the second division the company has launched this year, following PCM Integrations. These expansions come as PostcardMania continues to reach new highs regularly — 2021 earnings are currently up 24% year over year, and on pace to hit a new annual highest-ever, while 35 new employees have already been added to PostcardMania’s 320-staff roster to keep up with multichannel marketing demand. PostcardMania is still in the midst of staffing up to meet demand. Current open positions can be found here.

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