Success Story: Folderly Startup Reaches 99,9% Email Deliverability for Its Customers

Folderly, a US-based startup, has shaken the world with its rapid growth and success. Vladislav Podolyako, the CEO and co-Founder of Folderly recently spoke out on how his startup helped its customers succeed through delivering smart email deliverability solutions.

  • The startup was founded in 2019 and has already reported on gaining $130,000 in MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and $1,560,000 in ARR (annual recurring revenue).
  • At this moment, the company is attracting on average 30 new customers every month.
  • Being a SaaS company, Folderly can boast of hundreds of satisfied clients and an average of 300 meetings they organize, the majority of which result from the company’s outbound marketing strategies.

The company’s founder, Vladislav Podolyako, and his co-founder Michael Maximoff were both members of the Belkins team and managed over 1,000 mailboxes for their customers.

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At first, Vladislav and Michael managed to help their customers achieve an approximately 25% replay rate and 70% open rate, which were impressive indicators. However, when they noticed a decrease in these indicators, future partners united to find the reasons for this decline. As a result of this tandem, they figured out that the majority of salespersons and marketers are all facing the same issues, and they hacked the code for successful email deliverability.

Vladislav Podolyako figured out that the quality of content and DNS settings are the two major things that affect the efficiency of email marketing. He discovered the harm of spam links and words, as well as the importance of conducting a thorough spam test to avoid spam challenges. And, surprisingly, no one was providing working solutions to these challenges back then.

99,9% Email Deliverability Made Possible

The key to success and impressive customer acquisition rates for Folderly is the platform’s guarantee of zero spam.

With this platform, businesses can tweak core DNS settings, as well as their email messages, in order to avoid spam filtering, reduce the cost per lead, and boost deliverability and open rates. As a result, with the help of Folderly’s email test, businesses can gradually perform email warmup, growing the scope of emails sent, without observing a decrease in deliverability.

Join Folderly for Better Email Campaigns

The company’s CEO, Vladislav Podolyako, claims that a careful email test for spam filters can be a real game-changer in today’s highly competitive email marketing field, and Folderly gives you this opportunity.

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