Meltwater Announces New Product Updates and a New Corporate Website

Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence, announces its Aurora Product Release, detailing a range of solutions, workflows and new functionality in its flagship product. The release follows the success of the Fjord Product Release last October, and the release name is another nod to Meltwater’s Norwegian heritage. Meltwater has also launched a brand new website, which articulates everything that the company now offers, and how they help to bring Marketing, PR and Communications teams closer together, with an intuitive, all-in-one solution.

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The Aurora release focuses on three main themes: capturing more content and conversations than anyone else, advancing analytics into insights, and prioritizing simplicity for users

Meltwater believes that content is king, and prides itself on capturing more content and conversations than anyone else, across the most media types. Recent updates include:

  • The addition of podcast monitoring, giving customers the ability to monitor more than 25,000 podcasts globally in real-time
  • Double the amount of content from Reddit, one of the world’s fastest-growing social networks
  • An improved network of print and broadcast monitoring partners around the world

The second theme is around advancing analytics to insights, to help our customers stay on top of market-moving announcements in real-time, and with workflows that support ad-hoc searching, automated reporting, and comprehensive event analysis. In this release, this is highlighted by:

  • The launch of Signals, which provides real-time notifications on significant news items on the companies you care about, powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Recent advancements in Explore, such as the ability to filter by author lists, compare searches to one another, and an integration into our Audience Insights module for in-depth audience segmentation and analysis
  • New workflows around dashboard curation and interactive event analysis, to help customers go from information to insights as quickly as possible

By prioritizing simplicity and efficiency, Meltwater continues to focus on user experience for all customers. A new design and navigation were announced in the Fjord release, and we are now bringing to market:

  • ‘Quick find’ capability, so that customers can go immediately to any other asset from any page they are on throughout the application.
  • ‘Labels,’ allowing users to more effectively categorize their saved searches to help them stay organized and collaborate across teams.
  • ‘Combined searches,’ which allow for aggregate analysis across searches and filter sets, to ensure consistency of reporting across business units and global teams.

“As we strive to help bridge the gap between Marketing, PR and Communications teams on a global scale, we are excited to deliver on the types of solutions that can help these teams work more collaboratively together. Through investments in new content types, better insights, and a more elegant user experience, we are excited to deliver more value to our customers and to package that up in our Aurora release,” said Tim Santos, VP of Product Management at Meltwater.

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Coinciding with the Aurora release, Meltwater is also launching a new corporate website. “Our new website reflects the products and solutions that we make available to modern marketing and PR professionals today. We have developed solutions at an impressive rate over the past few years, and the new website showcases a lot of those updates, while also providing a wealth of resources to help our customers and visitors better plan and execute on their strategy in an ever-changing landscape”, said Angela Wiesenmueller, Director of Marketing, EMEA.

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