KickFire’s Buyer Intent Data to Reveal the Invisible Funnel for FunnelAmplified

Understanding how B2B audiences discover and engage with content is a vital factor in producing relevant content that resonates with target audiences. Unfortunately, unlocking these insights is a task that has historically eluded sales and marketing professionals. However, KickFire and FunnelAmplified are pleased to announce their partnership to deliver real-time buying intent within FunnelAmplified’s ContentHubs platform, which will allow users to gain more exposure for their content, create more engagement, position their team members as industry thought leaders, and generate more leads.

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FunnelAmplified’s ContentHubs allows business leaders, executives, marketing, and salespeople to host brand-approved content and be positioned as a subject matter expert with their own personalized hub with custom curated content specific to their buyer’s needs. The partnership with KickFire will allow each ContentHubs user to track buyer intent and engagement across their hub to analyze the effectiveness of their content and identify new potential in-market target accounts. In addition, users will gain insight into the firmographic profile of their ContentHub visitors, including: company name, industry, revenue range, employee count, and more.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with KickFire,” said Brandon Lee, CEO of FunnelAmplified. “We chose the best partner in this space because we wanted to deliver the most unique capabilities within our technology. KickFire’s ability to reveal the “invisible funnel” for our users is a massive game-changer for our offering. As a company leading the industry in scalable social selling and digital engagement platforms, we knew adding first-party intent capabilities within employee ContentHubs™ was crucial to our client’s success.”

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“Understanding the firmographic profile and sales funnel stage of a content reader have historically been invisible data points to content marketers,” said KickFire’s Director of Revenue Operations, Maggie Taylor Aherne. “We are incredibly excited to see FunnelAmplified leveraging first-party intent data across their platform to empower their customers to drive greater awareness, engagement, and conversions from their content.”

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