Taggbox Upscales The UGC Game With The Direct UGC Uploads Feature

Taggbox unrolls new possibilities for its users to encourage their audiences to create & upload UGC directly on digital channels.

This much-awaited feature by Taggbox has brought the marketing landscape full circle. It has empowered brands to accumulate user-generated content uniquely. Brands can now offer private post upload options to their audiences on digital channels through Taggbox’s premium suite of products.

Today’s marketing is about bridging gaps between brands and their audiences. With an audience so dynamic, they need a solution that integrates every users’ needs.

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Taggbox UGC Upload

Keeping that in mind, Taggbox unrolled its Private Post Uploads or UGC Uploads feature. The feature acts as a direct medium between a brand and its spectators to share content without any middleman (social media).

“Taggbox has been helping brands amplify users’ voices from social media across digital channels since 2018. But, moving ahead in time, it is crucial to realize that brands are missing out upon many prospects as they limit their focus to social media.

This new feature added by Taggbox broadens the marketing horizon for brands to captivate a larger set of spectators with a feature compatible with every audience’s preferences.”
Neeraj Singal, CEO & Co-founder of Taggbox

Taggbox unleashes this ahead-of-its-time feature across its suite of premium products- Taggbox Widget, Taggbox Display & Taggbox Commerce- for brands to leverage it on diverse digital channels in three striking models.

While website owners can now allow their visitors to upload images, write reviews, and provide ratings right on the website and create a hub of UGC. Social Wall users can now quickly add scannable QR codes and share URLs to their displays, allowing the audience to upload UGC directly from their devices. Not only that, but users with ecommerce stores can also offer their customers to share their experiences directly on the online store in the form of visual UGC or testimonials.

Taggbox makes all this possible for its users to target the audience that feels reluctant to connect their social media platforms while creating UGC and also broaden the possibilities for acquiring UGC in abundance.

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Now Taggbox users can enable their audience to share their testimonials and visual UGC on digital channels quickly right from their smartphones or other devices. This feature by Taggbox ensures privacy, no dependency on social media, and helps users target audiences inactive on social channels.

Taggbox believes that when brands leverage this feature in digital channels like web pages, online stores, or digital screens, it encourages brand-customer interactions and better engagement opportunities.

User-generated content is considered the rawest, most unadulterated, and valuable form of content. Now users can easily manage and curate their brand’s hub of user-generated content and create top-notch marketing strategies with Taggbox’s freshly brewed feature.

“When it comes to repurposing UGC from social media, users had to acquire UGC rights before initiating campaigning.

Whereas, with this result-driven UGC uploads feature, they get to add the UGC rights permission in the T&C section and gain instant content rights, enabling a smooth UGC marketing journey.”
Neeraj Singal, CEO & Co-founder of Taggbox

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