TINT Attention Score Bolsters Visual Content Efficacy

Marketing professionals can now visualize eye patterns on visual content and maximize the attention-getting potential for ads, social, web, eCommerce, and email before publishing.

TINT, the enterprise User-Generated Content platform, is taking visual content optimization to a whole new level. With the launch of Attention Score, a pre-planning content feature, users can now analyze visual content to determine critical focal points and overall attention-getting potential before publishing across channels. Utilizing first-of-its-kind Eye Tracker technology, the TINT Attention Score Artificial Intelligence (AI) model is built on extensive neuroscience research and trained on one of the industry’s largest eye-tracking databases to predict behavior and visual attention accurately.

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In the fast-paced digital economy, attention has become a scarce resource. Attention Score analyzes visual content in real-time, providing a comprehensive breakdown of how a particular image performs in the areas of Cognitive Demand and Clarity, as well as a detailed heat map showing exactly where the viewer’s eyes will focus. The makeup of visual content, placement of images, logos, and text can all influence the decision-making process.

This new technology enables social, digital ad, eCommerce, and marketing teams to create, plan, and edit content that maximizes attention.

“Consumer attention is the new gold,” said Sameer Kamat, CEO, TINT.

“Attention Score enables brands to optimize ad spend by knowing which content will drive the audience towards action. No longer will campaigns run on the hope of conversion; our advanced machine learning takes the guessing game out of the picture. UGC combined with a high attention score is by far the best converting content a brand can ask for.”

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With an expanding number of channels and content options, the role of visual attention and its influence on the consumer is more important than ever. TINT’s UGC platform provides brands with the ability to strategically build trust, engage consumers, convert sales, and inspire action at every step of the customer journey, and now with Attention Score, TINT represents the next level of hyper-personalized user engagement through all marketing channels.

With TINT Attention Score users can:

  • Gain comprehensive insights on visual content with Cognitive and Clarity scoring
  • Discover how visual content will capture attention on different channels
  • See eye patterns to drive engagement and clicks
  • Optimize ads and visual content for maximum conversion potential

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