, the first demand generation platform for B2B Marketers,today announced that LinkedIn Conversation Ads is an available ad format in their platform.

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As a certified LinkedIn Marketing Partner, Metadata was one of the first to expand their integration to include this new ad format. Metadata’s fastest build to date (under 8 weeks), customers now have the ability to set up, manage, and measure LinkedIn Conversation Ads from within the Metadata platform, taking advantage of Metadata’s unique ad flow templates and playbook library for this ad type.

In December, Metadata won “Innovator of the Year” at LinkedIn’s Partner Connect North America as a result of their innovation with LinkedIn Conversation Ads campaign automation, providing B2B marketers and demand generation leaders the ability to use pre-vetted templates together with a new ad format.

“We’re thrilled to offer the LinkedIn Conversation Ads format in our platform for our customers who want to be at the edge of the latest opportunities in marketing, ” said Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at Metadata. “We used it ourselves over the last year and saw impressive results quickly – our campaign delivered 230% more demos in a month with 60% less budget with a $1:$5 ratio of spend to closed/won revenue. We were able to generate $1.5m in revenue and $7.5m in pipeline for Metadata.”

Marketers can now run LinkedIn Conversation Ads in Metadata for content download, event registration and demo request campaigns. Utilizing this new ad type will help marketers target both their target accounts, as well as the buying committee within those accounts, at a low cost and high conversion rates, generate qualified demand and revenue for their sales teams.

“We’ve generated hundreds of demo requests and found the percentage of new ABM leads generated from Conversation Ads that convert into SQO’s to be among our highest converting channels,” said Silvio Perez, Founder & CEO, AdConversion.

Despite how open and configurable LinkedIn Conversation Ads are, Metadata found that the best results are generated through a curated set of templates, playbook and ad flows, using specific CTAs and offers. With these ad flow templates and offers, Metadata customers can significantly shorten the time to execute these types of campaigns, and achieve positive ROI at higher rates than other marketing channels, for significantly less spend.

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“With the performance we saw, we had to be one of the first LinkedIn Marketing Partners to offer this to our customers. Having this capability within our platform creates a conversational experience for B2B marketers to choose their own path, and allows for a more authentic, interactive engagement that results in higher ROI,” says Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at Metadata.

Additional benefits to adding the LinkedIn Conversion Ads format to their platform include automating the user journey in less time and increasing revenue with a shorter sales cycle and higher lead volume. Specifically, customers are turning to Metadata to run LinkedIn Conversation Ads for the following reasons:

Flexibility: Can use the ads for content, webinar, and demo request campaigns
Highly targeted: Can send them using custom MetaMatch audiences
Cost-effective: Can deliver them at a low cost per send (< $1.00 in most cases), with very high open rates

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