Enterprise Automation, North America’s premier control systems integration firm serving the water and wastewater and life sciences industries today announced its most recent internal research and development projects using artificial intelligence and data visualization software solutions from AVEVA.

“Our R&D group has been working diligently on several internal projects to learn how best to apply brand-new technology to solve our clients’ challenges and help them become more efficient in their operations,” said Josh Riley, Principal at Enterprise Automation. “Completing projects in an R&D setting allows us to reduce risk for our customers.”

The Enterprise Automation R&D group has completed many projects over the years. Most recently, the group used AVEVA Predictive Analytics to monitor the output of a drinking water plant to determine the most efficient membrane cleaning schedule for a reverse osmosis (RO) backwash system. An efficient cleaning schedule would allow the water authority to optimize its resources, avoiding cleaning too infrequently which wastes electricity, and too often which results in downtime and wasted cleaning chemicals.

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AVEVA Predictive Analytics uses artificial intelligence to analyze the large amounts of data generated by today’s industrial equipment connected through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and SCADA systems, allowing for the optimization of asset performance. Integrating with existing data historian systems, the industrial analytics toolset provides advanced pattern recognition technology for early warning of equipment failure.

In another recent project, the Enterprise Automation R&D team added the AVEVA Systems Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) to an existing PLC program for a drinking water desalination plant, creating significant improvements to the visualization over the existing traditional HMI. In addition, OMI allows for massive scalability, advanced templating, enhanced tag management, and lower development costs.

Other R&D projects have used a variety of technologies such as Rockwell PlantPAX, IIoT, and Microsoft Power BI. Enterprise Automation used this traditional data analytics tool in an automation application by looking at Wonderware historian data and providing tools for end users to better understand their operational data.

The company seeks end-user partners for authentic applications. “If you are looking at the feasibility of using a newer technology for your application, or want to do something that’s a little unchartered, please reach out,” said Luke Stephenson, Business Manager at Enterprise Automation. “We are selecting a handful of partners for proof of concept for tangible projects.”

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