Factoreal is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with the Syracuse Mets Baseball Club. As part of this engagement, Factoreal will work closely with the Syracuse Mets to deliver personalized, customer campaigns through Factoreal’s digital omnichannel customer engagement platform. The Factoreal solution uses a machine-learning driven engine with advanced analytics to enable the Syracuse Mets’ marketing team to fully leverage “now-moments” of engagement with their fans to build fan loyalty and lifetime value. The Factoreal platform helps improve decision making to drive customer experience, reduce churn, and boost revenue.

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Aditya Dhruva, Chief Executive Officer at Factoreal said, “Globally, to keep pace with the demands of fans, teams are increasingly leveraging digital technologies to offer a seamless, omnichannel experience to their fans. Omnichannel fan engagement, coupled with advanced analytics, is fast evolving, and Factoreal’s industry experience—along with services that complement technology solutions—sets us apart. This strategic partnership will enable the Syracuse Mets to provide an optimal experience to its existing fan base while driving new business opportunities.”

Factoreal delivers an all-in-one digital customer engagement platform to empower marketers to build lifelong engagement with their customers. The solution brings together email marketing automation, mobile marketing, social media marketing management, social ad management, customer journey automation, e-commerce integration, personalization & segmentation, and more into one simple, connected platform.

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