Arias Intel Signs Agreement with Seed-to-Sale Software Provider

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End-to-End Dispensary Software Solution to Incorporate Ufly On-Demand Delivery App to Connect Legal Cannabis Dispensaries to Customers

Arias Intel Corp, a technology, media and mobile gaming platform, announced that it has signed an agreement with a software developer of seed-to-sale ERP solutions for legal cannabis dispensaries.

Ufly will be marketed as part of a total ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution for legal cannabis dispensaries.  Arias Intel is working with a software developer to expand its offering to include the on-demand capabilities of the Ufly app within an all-in-one business management software solution to run a dispensary’s inventory tracking, order management and POS (point of sale) system. This developer has relationships with over 1,200 dispensaries in California.

Ufly is launching its on-demand delivery app for legal cannabis dispensaries to connect to customers, which is now available for download at the iTunes App Store for Apple iPhones. The Ufly platform is similar to an UberEATS-style delivery app model, providing on-demand cannabis delivery to qualified patients and recreational users in states where cannabis has been legalized. The logistics-based app connects authorized users to a selection of local, legal cannabis dispensaries in designated cities using their smartphone to select and place orders.

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The goal of this new consolidated system is to build a more personalized solution for dispensaries to seamlessly integrate individual processes with real-time, interactive reporting on customized dashboards to make it easier to run their business and serve customers.  The ‘seed to sale’ platform incorporates barcodes and RFID technology to track plants through their growth and distribution process to safely deliver to the right person in a timely manner via a mobile phone app, thus creating an audit trail for compliance at each step in the process.

Kevin Gillespie

“We want customers to be confident in knowing where their products are coming from and the care is taken during each step of the process,” said Kevin Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, Arias Intel. “Our marketing plans include a number of strategic alliances and cross-channel platforms to grow through viral marketing campaigns as part of the Ufly app’s launch.”

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