IRIO Mobile Marketing Launches New Chat Product For Customer Engagement

Company Provides Real-Time Communication Option to Convert Sales and Generate Qualified Leads Faster

IRIO, a cloud-based SaaS platform that creates custom SMS/MMS solutions for businesses seeking effective communication and engagement with audiences, announces the release of their Live Chat Solution. The program is a cutting-edge adaption to the advancement in chatbots, AI, and the quest to achieve optimum customer service and support through a mobile device. While the digital world evolves, IRIO keeps the power of the personal touch in mind.

Russell Davis

“Chatbots and AI is, for businesses, the messaging solution of tomorrow. But the power of the personal touch still exists because the human connection holds a weight no bot can ever quite match. So, we built a product around that notion; a solution where a business rep connects to the customer via text,” said Russell Davis, President, IRIO.

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According to Mobile Marketing Watch and Forbes, text messaging has a 98 percent read rate as compared to email’s 22 percent open rate, and 90 percent of texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery. For their clients, IRIO has generated more than 460,000 qualified leads in the past three years, an industry high across the verticals they serve.

“Text message marketing is more impactful than email or other traditional forms of marketing, and it’s the reason we have invested in creating a product that takes the lead generation to the next level,” said Davis.

Live Chat is what most businesses are used to with call centers and web-based chats, but now texting brings a new edge to the offering. A customer could see an item in a store, find something on a website, or maybe even drive past a property and start texting with your business. The rep will be on the other side, receive a prioritized list of “chatters” and carry out conversations with each one individually. With Live Chat via text, you present a keyword (ex. “LiveChat”) the customer texts into a shortcode (ex. “47464”), and then you connect. To see the new Live Chat Solution in action, text “LiveChat” to 47464.

According to IRIO, brands are constantly looking for new digital ways to connect with their customers, but they look at all the well-known, less effective places. They try email, voice, web, and even print. Text messaging is commonly overlooked even though texting is the most widely and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day. (Pew Research)

“Companies must continually evolve to keep up with consumer’s insatiable appetite for a streamlined digital lifestyle. This Live Chat via text solution will generate the most qualified leads and convert the most sales for businesses while collecting a great amount of data and increasing rep activity,” added Davis.

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The Live Chat solution is the newest of several SMS/MMS marketing solutions that IRIO offers and customizes to improve engagement, loyalty and conversion rates. Additional IRIO solutions delivered by IRIO’s robust platform include texting for Information, Mobile Sweepstakes, Surveys, Comment Cards, Donations, Promotions, Recruiting, Emergency and Crisis Communications, Community Messaging, Employee and Resident communications, and more. Their custom enterprise solutions seek to benefit a wide variety of industries including retail, multifamily housing, universities, nonprofits and a multitude of segments within each.

To further reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, IRIO has partnered with Trees for the Future and Arbor Day Foundation in a Ten for One initiative. For every text sent, one sheet of paper is saved. Because one tree provides approximately 5,000 pieces of paper, IRIO, and its customers save one tree for every 5,000 text messages sent. And when one tree is saved, they plant ten in its place. Hence, Ten for One. Through its giving partners, IRIO has planted more than 115,000 trees in Eastern and Western Africa as well as the United States and remains committed to a sustainable future with each of its digital solutions.

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