BILDIT Officially Launches Fully Customizable Native Mobile App Dev Platform Debunking Progressive Web Apps Trend

BILDIT Finds Development “Suite” Spot to Build Consumer Loyalty and Increase Conversions by 25% with Easy, Affordable and Secure Native M-Commerce App

BILDIT, already the leading native mobile app development platform specially designed for retail and brand ecommerce, announced its official launch . BILDIT’s suite of fully-customizable features create immersive and personalized native mobile ecommerce app experiences that can increase conversions by 25%. The company already has an impressive roster of customers, including Forever 21 and Belk, among others, as well as partners, Astound Commerce and Radius Networks.

“Though it may feel like every retailer has one, only the top 5% of the world’s retail companies have native ecommerce mobile apps, which drive 10% to 15% more sales than websites,” says BILDIT CEO and Co-Founder Matt Hudson. “We launched BILDIT to lower the barrier to entry by making fully native m-commerce apps ultra-accessible and ultra-affordable for a broader range of retailers.”

Native m-commerce app adoption has lagged behind web development because:

– While retailers have multiple options when choosing a web development solution for their e-commerce sites; there are no affordable, fast, and secure options for native mobile app development.

– M-commerce requires IT teams with experience in both iOS and Android app development, as well as web development.
Until now, m-commerce app dev has been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for all but the largest retailers.

– Progressive Web Apps have benefits but are limited in performance, don’t provide a true app experience and have further limitations on iOS. “No code” is restrictive and doesn’t allow for true customization of the app development. Few options offer easy pre-built native apps that still allow developers to make granular coding changes.

Despite this, native apps have higher conversion rates, don’t require repeated customer log-ins, and are faster, more secure and dependable than third party apps. BILDIT is changing the playing field for native mobile app development by solving the cost, speed and security challenges that have stopped this industry from moving forward. BILDIT can be used as a fast turnkey solution for native app development or enable users to fully customize their app to completely make it their own. By partnering with ecommerce development giants like Salesforce, ShopifyPlus, SAP, Magento, and BigCommerce, BILDIT helps clients harness the power of native apps to give customers a premium shopping experience and retailers the flexibility to grow fast.

“While at Amazon, our team recognized across digital shopping platforms that for every 100ms of added page load, it cost the company 1% in revenue,” Ryan Terry, President and Co-founder, BILDIT. “If you are a medium to large scale enterprise, this is an unacceptable KPI. BILDIT is designed with speed in mind. By building world-class features ahead of time, all ecommerce enterprises need to think about is customization to their brand.”

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Finding the Development “Suite” Spot

BILDIT allows users to rebuild existing apps or start fresh using a full suite of features, including:

BILDIT’s CMS: Allowing marketing and business teams to easily create and manage their own mobile content reduces reliance on front-end developers. With BILDIT’s CMS, clients can create and store all app promotions, banners, images, carousels and interactive content in one place, manage products and categories, easily schedule banners and new content, maintain multiple versions of an app, see changes in real time, and manage remotely across all platforms.

BILDIT’s App Clip SDK: Retailers can quickly implement App Clips into their app UI. With an App Clip, consumers can view products and make purchases by scanning a QR code, bar code, or clicking a special web link. It also enables customers to seamlessly transition into the full app experience and allows the retailer to test new app features prior to full implementation.

BILDIT’s Sample App: A fully built sample app allows retailers to easily adapt it to their brand or project. The sample app includes pre-built product detail pages, secure and fast-loading point-of-sale pages, native checkout and full customization.

BILDIT’s Native Checkout: One-finger one-step checkout removes barriers to purchase and builds customer loyalty. With BILDIT’s Native Checkout app, content loads faster, navigation is easier, data is more secure, and customers are ensured a premium shopping experience.

“Think about how convenient it is to order through your favorite phone apps, and you can see why the huge mobile retailers are clobbering everybody. They designed those apps to live on our phones because they know that mobile shoppers are loyal and they spend more,” says Hudson. “We’ve taken the time to craft a premium mobile app development platform so that the hard part is already done, cutting development time and cost in half for our clients, while giving them the same type of ease and convenience consumers have come to expect.”

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