EZ Texting Joins GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand Movement to Support Small Businesses

EZ Texting, the leader in SMS marketing software for business, today announces it has joined GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand movement. The movement consists of over 40 brands contributing resources, tools, and advice to support the economic health of small businesses during this challenging economic time.

“In critical times like these, consistent and immediate communication is necessary for all members of our economy, from businesses and healthcare facilities to schools and municipalities,” said Norm Happ, CEO of EZ Texting. “The #OpenWeStand movement is exactly what small businesses need to have the necessary tools and support to get through this time. We appreciate the opportunity to join GoDaddy and all of the other dedicated companies involved to help our economy come out of COVID-19 as intact as possible.”

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In joining the movement, EZ Texting has pledged its support to help small businesses and communities as well as all EZ Texting employees. To help businesses navigate the sudden shifts in operating hours, contact-less customer management, and remote work, EZ Texting is offering its text-to-landline solution free for 3 months. Organizations can text-enable their existing business lines in less than 5 minutes, creating an opportunity to maintain engagement with customers while offices and retail outlets are closed or partially staffed. Additionally, EZ Texting is extending a 14-day free trial of its mass texting solution to all organizations as well as offering free 6 months of emergency texting to municipalities, schools and government offices.

“The needs and dreams of everyday entrepreneurs are at the very heart of everything we do as a company,” said Fara Howard, CMO of GoDaddy. “We have a duty to provide entrepreneurs with access to the resources and community spirit they crucially need today. We’ve been encouraged by the initial response to #OpenWeStand and are excited to continue to grow this movement in the weeks and months ahead.”

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In addition to pledging its support to small businesses and communities, EZ Texting has also pledged to do everything in its power to keep its employees safe, from social distancing to working remotely and whatever else is needed. As employees are EZ Texting’s most valuable asset, the company transitioned its entire staff to a remote work policy before the mandatory city-wide shutdowns in Los Angeles and Austin.

Other companies involved in the #OpenWeStand movement alongside GoDaddy and EZ Texting are GoFundMe, PayPal, Slack, and many more.

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