Apptopia’s Mobile Intelligence Expertise Set to Disrupt Financial Sector

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Apptopia, a market leader in mobile app intelligence, announced that it is working with Bloomberg to provide mobile data to the finance industry. Apptopia data metrics, including downloads, active users, in-app revenue, session volume and session length, are now available through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, increasing the speed at which firms can gain value and insights. Apptopia is proud to be the only mobile intelligence provider working with Bloomberg in this capacity.

“We’ve consistently found mobile app performance to be indicative of global company performance; the financial market has noticed this as well, becoming one of our fastest growing customer segments,” said Eliran Sapir, co-founder and chief executive. “For the financial market, Apptopia is only one piece of the puzzle and today, Bloomberg is far and away the best platform for stitching together many different data sets into one cohesive story. We chose to work with Bloomberg due to their sheer breadth of data and tools provided to analyze that data under one roof. Through this relationship, we’re now providing the most comprehensive and highest quality product to the financial market.”

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Collaboration between both firms makes this data readily available for purchase by all interested financial firms. Further data, such as cross app usage, audience intelligence and more, will be available in the coming months.

“We are excited to work with Apptopia to bring their market leading mobile app intelligence data to Bloomberg clients,” said Gerard Francis, Global Head of Enterprise Data at Bloomberg. “By offering a singular access point for finding and receiving reliable data, and adding Bloomberg Global Identifiers, Bloomberg helps data companies like Apptopia take their innovation to a wider global audience.”

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Launched in September 2018, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is an online Linked Data platform that provides normalized reference, pricing, regulatory, historical and now alternative datasets for Bloomberg Data License clients. Bloomberg clients can browse quality data online, examine the metadata, trial sample data sets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within their organization.

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