LiveRamp IdentityLink for RTB Sets New Benchmarks in Programmatic AdTech

This week, the leading provider of identity resolution service and data onboarding, LiveRamp, announced the availability of their IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding (RTB). With the introduction of the IdentityLink for RTB, the Marketing Technology company could be leveraged to deliver free perpetual access to its scaled, people-based identifier. Here on, DSPs would leverage LiveRamp’s independent omnichannel identity graph to bid on digital advertising inventory.

With this announcement, LiveRamp has opened its free access to IdentityLink for SSPs through the Advertising ID Consortium.

By standardizing people-based identity for the open Internet, LiveRamp is enabling demand-side platforms to confidently build capabilities that require consistent identity across participants.

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What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)?

As per industry benchmarks, RTB is defined as programmatic online shopping (buying and selling) of ads based on per-impressions metrics. RTB has largely replaced and optimized the traditional way of buying and selling ad ‘real estates’, enabling both publishers and advertisers to programmatically place the right ads on the right platform, based on real-time data.

Real-time bidding technology has evolved dramatically since 2015. Today, it’s capable of bringing hyper-personalization to viewers by harmonizing the five components of the RTB process. The five components are:

  1. Publisher
  2. SSP
  3. An ad exchange
  4. DSP
  5. Advertiser

What IdentityLink for RTB Promises to Deliver?

In an official blog, LiveRamp clearly outlines the benefits of leveraging IdentityLink for RTB to MarTech and AdTech customers, percolating to the end-users — your audience.

IdentityLink for RTB enables DSPs to reduce data loss between platforms with increased audience reach, enhanced consumer privacy features, simplified opt-outs and people-based frequency capping based on Identity Resolution. All these, in sync, open new avenues for a better distribution of impressions across under- and over-served consumers.

LiveRamp is expected to further innovate programmatic RTB technology to engage and develop People-based Marketing solutions for all the markets they serve.

IdentityLink for RTB delivers a substantial benefit to consumers as well.

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Consumers Have More Power to Choose What Ads They See and Click

In the fast-changing MarTech and AdTech landscape, content publishers and advertisers are expected to empower consumers in decision-making when it comes to advertising: opt-in or opt-out. And, we are not taking about just one website! The choices have to be consistent and perennial across websites wherever AdTech vendors are serving the inventory to consumers.

Using IdentityLink for RTB, consumers have a universal choice to manage their ad experiences online.

The blog said, “With IdentityLink for RTB, a consumer can make a choice and every platform using IdentityLink will respect this choice.”

Beyond Cookies… Finally

A LiveRamp IdentityLink is available much longer than a cookie. Therefore, the consumer is not expected to keep tracking their choices about expiration of cookies or changed devices.

The blog stated, “We believe this capability is a foundational step for marketers as they move down the path of making data activation more meaningful for consumers.”

With the introduction of the new technology, LiveRamp has ensured the next phase on RTB technology is already on a roll, marking a new era of People-Based Marketing for the Programmatic AdTech landscape.

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