Commerce Data Platform Klover Announces Rebrand to Attain

Commerce Data Platform Klover Announces Rebrand to AttainThe company prepares to launch a new SaaS platform that will provide advertisers actionable, cross-channel, consumer-permissioned purchase data

Klover, a leading commerce data platform and financial services app co-founded by CEO Brian Mandelbaum & CTO Dominic Bennett, today announced its corporate rebrand to Attain. The new brand identity comes as the company prepares to launch a SaaS platform to help brand marketers make more informed decisions leveraging permissioned commerce data.

“Since our initial launch in 2019, we’ve created a leading commerce data platform that helps marketers reach their goals,” said Brian Mandelbaum, CEO and Founder of Attain. “The landscape of data is changing, and businesses nationwide are preparing to make the shift to utilizing permissioned, cookieless data. This is the future of advertising and marketing and Attain is ready to pave this path for organizations.”

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Led by a team of industry veterans from companies such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Numerator, Attain provides marketers with access to fully permissioned purchase data across all channels and verticals to find, target and measure untapped audiences. Attain’s data is powered by the company’s financial services app, which will remain as Klover, that has existed since 2019 and has been utilized by upwards of three and half million users. Within the financial services app, data is sourced in real-time from retail loyalty account linking, SKU-level APIs and a consumer panel. This data offers marketers visibility into real-time performance through closed loop return on ad spend (ROAS) measurement. Today, advertisers including HBO Max and Coca-Cola, among others, leverage Attain’s data programmatically to reach coveted audiences, like a competitor’s lapsed buyers or frequent switchers.

The first major product launch under the Attain brand will put the company’s fully permissioned purchase data at marketers’ fingertips via a self-service consumer insights platform. The platform will democratize access to consumer commerce data, giving marketers and their agencies access to actionable, cross-channel insights in a simple, user-friendly format. The platform will be available in beta in January with a full launch expected mid-2023.

Alongside its rebrand, the company just closed a $25M Series B financing round led by Mercato Partners. Attain will use the funds to prepare for its 2023 SaaS platform launch. The company has grown in revenue by 300 percent in the past 12 months and has expanded its team to 70 members since its inception.

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