Criteo’s Global Commerce Review Highlights Mobile-First Psyche of Customers

Results Reveal that On-the-Go Omnishoppers Lead to Highest Lifetime Sales Value, Along With Driving Higher Conversion Rates and In-App Sales on Mobile vs. Shopping Apps

Criteo, a commerce marketing company, has disclosed its Global Commerce Review conducted for Q1 2018. The report analyzes purchase and browsing data from more than 5000 retailers spread across 80 countries. The outcome indicates that present-day shoppers opt for purchases on-the-go, and they are active across every browsing environment.

Jonathan Opdyke, Chief Strategy Officer, Criteo, says, “Our latest study shows continuing shifts from desktop to mobile shopping, as well as from retailer websites to apps. Today’s shopper is on-the-go and researching across multiple screens, requiring a cohesive, data-driven approach to intersect and influence buying decisions. For retailers with physical stores, app adoption and improved data infrastructure are opening new horizons in omnichannel marketing, with online and offline blending into a seamless and measurable shopping journey.”

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Research Takeaways

The Criteo Global Commerce Review for Q1 2018 provides the following key takeaways:

  • Retailers need to optimize and prioritize shopping apps else they will face revenue declines because mobile transactions have now gone beyond mobile websites
  • While customers use multiple devices, mobile is still the chosen transaction vehicle
  • Syncing online and offline data is critical to tap purchasing power and buying intent particularly because omnichannel consumers lead to highest lifetime value as far as sales are concerned

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Apart from the above, additional highlights from the study include:

Increase in adoption of mobile apps

  • More than 70% of mobile ecommerce transactions take place through apps in North America
  • In-app transactions on a global scale have increased by 22% year-on-year

Maturity of Mobile Market

  • Sales transactions on smartphones have increased by 22.5% year-on-year
  • Beauty/health and sporting goods constitute 44% and 43% of mobile sales respectively

Time for Omnichannel

  • Just 7% of customers are omnichannel, yet they contribute to 27% of all sales
  • Omnichannel data is the pivot to optimize marketing ROI

The Criteo study is a clear indication of things to unfold in the retail and ecommerce space in 2018. It’s time to further bridge the online and offline data gap. Retailers who can do this successfully will steer ahead in the competition.

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