Glance Inc Launches AI features in a Slack App

Glance Inc announced AI Sparks for their top-ranked Slack app, a new way to get AI insights for Google Analytics. Sparks offers periodic alerts, insights and forecasts for Google Analytics data such as Traffic, Engagement and Content. The Slack app offers a new way for marketers to get AI insights without having to write code.

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We’re bringing advanced AI insights to the fingertips of marketers; which otherwise is simply not available for small to mid-sized marketers today – Roy Nallapeta, CEO, Glance Inc.

Features and benefits of Slack app include:

· Forecast and predict trends in traffic, content and engagement
· Offer targeting suggestions and benchmarks
· Alerts that flag anomalies

Glance’s Slack app with AI Sparks are available starting now, in both free and paid versions.

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