ironSource Expands Programmatic Marketplace, Adding Mobile Interactive Video Inventory and Moat Integration

Along with Programmatic Access to Premium In-App Video Inventory, Buyers Can Now Leverage In-App Interactive Ads; Initial Data Shows ironSource Inventory is 96% Viewable

Mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource announced the expansion of its in-app programmatic marketplace, which in addition to video inventory, will now include MRAID support for interactive ads, and viewability verification through Oracle’s Moat, a leading analytics and measurement company.

Reaching 1.5B unique consumers a month, ironSource’s in-app programmatic marketplace already includes premium in-app video inventory at massive scale, with billions of video completions a month. This new development will add interactive ads to the mix, as well as affording brand marketers full transparency on viewability and attention metrics through Moat. Preliminary data from Moat shows ironSource in-app inventory is over 96% viewable, with completion rates above 85% – well above industry benchmarks.

“While brand demand for in-app audiences has increased – especially around video – the lack of programmatic access to direct, viewable in-app inventory at scale has represented a major hurdle for brands looking to run campaigns on mobile app traffic. Our programmatic marketplace solves these issues by bringing high volumes of in-app video and interactive inventory into the programmatic ecosystem, and layering viewability verification, audience tracking, and anti-fraud tools on top to create a perfect environment for brands to engage with their target audiences,” said Tal Shoham, COO Mobile at ironSource.

One of the largest mobile video advertising platforms in the world, the ironSource platform also benefits from tens of thousands of direct SDK-integrations. These direct publisher connections not only ensure a secure and brand-safe environment for advertisers but also give advertisers, agencies, and DSPs the ability to leverage direct PMPs for access to premium supply.

“With a large portion of the top 100 grossing apps using our video monetization platform, we’re able to give brand marketers access to premium in-app supply. But beyond the high-quality audiences that entail, we’re also able to provide brands with a positive in-app ad experience for consumers, with interactive, HD video, and even AR ad units which users actively choose to engage with,” continued Shoham.

This development will also empower app developers using ironSource’s platform to supercharge their monetization and increase their average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU), by increasing competition for inventory.

“Our mobile video platform has largely been fueled by performance advertisers, growing to become the largest in class and driving significant revenue for our developer partners. But with over a billion monthly active users reached and 6B monthly video views served through our platform, we’re in a unique position to open up this inventory to brand advertisers and provide them with the necessary tools to buy effectively. Opening up programmatic access to our direct inventory represents a significant upgrade to the capabilities of our monetization platform, unlocking programmatic demand and adding more opportunities for our publishers to extract the most value from their in-app inventory and scale their app businesses,” said Shoham.

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