A Majority of Developers to Join the Hibe Social Network for Mobile Apps

More Than 75% of Developers to Use the Hibe Platform to Address Adoption, Retention and Monetization Problems of Their Mobile Applications

Virtual Artifacts (VA) announced they have conducted two surveys between Jan. 12-28, 2019 and Feb. 11-20, 2019 with mobile applications developers about its flagship platform Hibe, a social network for mobile apps that allows different applications to “friend” each other in order to enable their users to interact with each other. The goal of the first survey was to validate their interest to join the Hibe platform to address critical market needs, including adoption, retention and monetization problems of their mobile apps. The second survey focused on evaluating the easiness or difficulty to integrate their mobile apps using the Hibe API.

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The first survey revealed that more than three quarters (76.2%) of respondents were very interested or extremely interested in joining Hibe. In addition, the vast majority of respondents (82.6%) were willing to spend few hours to integrate their apps to the Hibe platform. The second survey revealed that 70.5% of respondents found that the Hibe API was easier or not more difficult that other API tools they have used in the past.

Virtual Artifacts Inc.
Virtual Artifacts Inc.

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Based in Montreal, Canada, Virtual Artifacts develops privacy-centric technologies that fundamentally transform how individuals, brands and organizations connect, communicate and transact online. These technologies include decision-making privacy AI, privacy-compliant advertising engines and blockchain systems to host, contextualize, distribute and ensure confidentiality of online activities.

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