MeetingPlay Introduces Enhanced Mobile Event App

Newly augmented app enables planners to streamline events, further engage attendees and provide greater value to vendors

Alongside the tremendous movement in the world of event planning, MeetingPlay, a pioneer in creating innovative technology solutions for events, is announcing today the launch of their advanced mobile app. Ideal for in-person, virtual and hybrid events, mobile conference apps provide the versatility and effectiveness needed for a successful event. MeetingPlay’s fully customizable app supports event organizers by using mobile technology to create intuitive, engaging and information-rich solutions to overcome even the toughest planning challenges.

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Designed with all users top of mind, MeetingPlay’s new mobile app creates a unified user experience, increases attendee engagement and provides a strong return on investment for sponsors. New features bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees during hybrid events, create a safe, in-person experience and allow virtual attendees to join sessions directly from their mobile device instead of their desktop. Key features include:

  • Fast-Pass Check-In through facial recognition for seamless entry and safety when in-person
  • Agenda Management to effectively manage time and scheduling throughout the event
  • Advanced AI Networking with 1-on-1 video chat between attendees
  • Session Scanning to track attendee engagement and interaction
  • Go Live Function allows speakers and exhibitors to stream live to a virtual audience from their phone
  • Real-Time Polling, Chat, Vote-up Q+A, Gamification, Networking & Matchmaking for increased attendee interaction and engagement
  • Identify & Capture Leads and Access to Lead Data in Real-Time for sponsors to easily see the ROI

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“Strong mobile conference app technology lifts the experience for everyone from the planner and the attendees to the vendors, and that’s what drove the development of our advanced mobile app,” said MeetingPlay Founder and CEO Joe Schwinger. “Our newly designed app is feature-rich and has even more tools to activate attendee engagement and promote personalization, the real currencies for events.”

Here are some of the enhanced capabilities of the MeetingPlay app that allow organizers to bring their events to the next level and provide further opportunities for attendees to make meaningful connections with both content and each other:

1. Provides increased flexibility and allow changes to be made instantly
2. It is more eco-friendly, and cheaper, than printing large documents
3. It is more reliable, customizable, and accessible than websites
4. Saves planners time and money on manual activities
5. It creates extensive opportunities for easy attendee networking
6. Attendees can register and begin interacting with the event before it even begins
7. Interactive tools, gamification, and personalization keep attendees engaged from start to finish
8. All even resources are in one place at attendees’ fingertips
9. Mobile event technology helps organizers gather real-time information about the event

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