SellApp.ME Launches Premium Classified E-Commerce Marketplace App, With Escrow Payments

SellApp.ME announced the public launch of the next-generation, person-to-person (P2P) buying and selling marketplace app for iPhone and Android. SellApp.ME is focused on individual buyers and sellers with high-quality goods to sell or buy using their smartphones. Also introducing escrow payments to better protect customer’s money during the transaction process.

“SellApp.ME is fundamentally upping the standards in the P2P buying and selling industry”

While there are already traditional P2P classified marketplace apps like LetGo and OfferUp, SellApp.ME is the first premium mobile marketplace platform in the US that filters the seller’s offer with price minimums in its product categories. This ensures higher-quality products are offered on the platform, compared to traditional P2P marketplaces. There are fifteen product categories like cars, mobile, fashion, electronics, furniture, beauty, art and more. A Today’s Deal feature allows for buying and selling nationally. Even an Uber ride can be requested in the app.

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Buyers and sellers have already pre-registered for the launch. Some small retailers like Design Mix Furniture from LA and Greater Good(s) of Tampa are already on-board with

With current P2P marketplaces, buyers are generally left on their own to proceed through the buying process with cash purchase to the seller. improves buyer’s confidence and security and offers a safer way to purchase with credit or debit cards. Card payments go to escrow before release, to give the buyer a chance to inspect the product first.

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“SellApp.ME is fundamentally upping the standards in the P2P buying and selling industry,” stated Keith White, Founder of SellApp.ME and whose accolades include being the recipient of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation E-Pay Innovator Award In 2013. “Simply, we help sellers put extra money in their pocket, ensure high-quality products are offered, protect buyer’s funds, save time and money. We have taken buying and selling between individuals to the next level and increased trust when transacting.”

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