Sendbird Responds To Widespread Need For Connecting Digitally With Launch Of Supergroup Channel

  • Now up to 20,000 people can interact in group chats, reinventing what’s possible for large online communities and live streams
  • New Advanced Analytics provide insight into users, channels and messages within Sendbird application 

Sendbird, the leading interaction API company across chat, voice and video for mobile, and web applications, announced powerful new capabilities that break chat boundaries. Sendbird’s Supergroup Channels, designed for the world’s largest and most active communities, now enables up to 20,000 users to engage in a real-time private group chat an industry first at this scale. The company also introduced Dynamic Partitioning for open channels as well as Advanced Analytics, which analyzes user behavior and provides detailed insights into channels and messages within the Sendbird application.

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Supergroup Channel Enables Large Scale Connection Designed for a New World

While open channels with limited chat functionality have been around for some time, creating a private group with all the richness and engagement features of a chat group has never been achieved at this scale. This new engineering feat for the industry comes as people worldwide seek ways to connect with others, sharing thoughts and perspectives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Supergroup Channel is already being used by the world’s most prolific communities to facilitate large-scale dynamic and authentic conversations.

“Scale has been one of the biggest issues hindering new applications for chat and messaging, and we are thrilled to remove this barrier, particularly in the current environment where large in-person gatherings are limited at best,” said Sendbird CEO and Founder John Kim. “Supergroup Channel is the perfect feature for our brave new world, and we are excited to see how communities leverage it.”

Supergroups debuts as large communities are increasingly looking to deliver new types of human experiences, whether a live-streamed concert or other type of virtual event. Supergroup channels provide a unique option that makes connecting with thousands as compelling as communicating with friends in modern messenger applications. Supergroups are already being used as a destination for thousands who seek advice and tips from influencers and experts in large online communities, while gaming communities are using Supergroups to gather users, find players and exchange ideas to advance game play privately.

“With Supergroups, Dream11 can engage thousands of users in the same private group chat, letting large communities of fantasy sports enthusiasts bond over moments of play together and drive real-time engagement in the Dream11 app,” said Rahul Mirchandani, Chief Product Officer at Dream11, India’s Biggest Fantasy Sports Platform.

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The Power of Supergroups

Supergroups support standard group chat features, including sending and receiving messages between members, sharing media or file messages, indicating online presence, displaying the last message sent or received and counting unread messages up to 100. Additionally, Supergroup channel management capabilities allow for freezing the channel, banning or muting users and protecting groups from spam. Organizations can apply Sendbird’s industry-leading set of moderation tools to Supergroups as well.

Sendbird continues to innovate with a new kind of push notification called Smart push for use at Supergroup scale. These notifications keep users active or bring them back into conversations and help Supergroups achieve conversations at scale without compromising on engagement.

Supergroups further extend the power of Sendbird’s recently introduced Announcements API, which provides the mechanism to market or convey information to exceptionally large groups of active users at one time. Paired together, Supergroups and Announcements offer a powerful toolkit for engaging with and marketing to large audiences, be it a community, a live stream, or a remote workforce.

“Because Sendbird was built to support embedded chat at industry-first levels of scale, we are well positioned to continue driving the industry forward,” added Kim. “No one can compete with Sendbird’s ability to persistently provide compelling new chat experiences and opportunities to forge connections, nor can they offer the same level of insights into user behavior.”

In addition to Supergroups, Sendbird announced Dynamic Partitioning for open channels. Dynamic Partitioning can dynamically split large open channel group chats into virtual groups of smaller sizes so users can feel as if they are part of a large group chat, but receive messages at a pace that creates a pleasant experience. Dynamic Partitioning works in the background and has tremendous effects on ensuring an engaging experience at scale in live streaming group chats.

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Advanced Analytics Help Sendbird Customers Understand and Better Serve Their Users

Sendbird also introduced its Advanced Analytics (AA), a premium feature that goes beyond previously available dashboard analytics. Advanced Analytics provides immediate access to all metrics aggregated since the launch of an application that is integrated with Sendbird Chat. This enables more relevant, meaningful and pragmatic insights to be gleaned from user data.

Sendbird’s Advanced Analytics depicts user behavior through metrics such as number of messages, messages per user, new users, deleted users, deactivated users, new channels, active channels, message senders and message viewers. With these more advanced, accurate and timely metrics, user behavior can be easily analyzed. Results then can be applied to inform decision making in ways that improve the overall user experience.

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