AIKON Announces Strategic ORE ID Partnership with FUFU to Provide Digital Marketing at Scale

AIKON’s ORE ID will be integrated into the entire FUFU Ecosystem, allowing its users to seamlessly create, play and share interactive quizzes and earn NFTs.

AIKON, the leading provider in blockchain identity solutions, announced their newest strategic partnership with FUFU — the company bringing digital marketing to the Web 3.0 world!

FUFU is a gamified NFT distribution platform that leverages interactive play to earn (P2E) quizzes to connect communities and enable the creation of a new form of content marketing. The project’s mission is to help brands to successfully deploy their digital advertising campaigns in the form of content marketing and distribute NFTs for future gamified marketing campaigns.

AIKON’s ORE ID will be integrated into the entire FUFU Ecosystem, allowing its users to seamlessly create, play and share interactive quizzes and earn NFTs. The ecosystem’s flagship NFT creation and distribution platform is UwUFUFU and is already used by thousands of users and content creators.

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“FUFU’s mission to allow anyone to deploy digital marketing campaigns at scale for Web 3.0 is aligned with AIKON’s own vision for bridging the Web 2.0 world to Web 3.0,” explains FUFU CEO Charlie Rhee.

“FUFU and AIKON’s vision of bridging Web 2.0 world to Web 3.0 is aligned as FUFU seeks to enable users around the world to deploy digital marketing campaigns at scale. ORE ID is poised to support FUFU’s growing user base as they scale to over 20,000 quizzes and 5 million quiz plays — and this is just the beginning,” says AIKON CEO and ORE Core Contributor, Marc Blinder.

ORE ID: Single Sign-On for Web 3.0
ORE ID provides developers with an end-to-end authentication platform that users will love. The single sign-on authentication platform works cross-chain with Algorand, Ethereum, EOS and more.

By using Web 2.0 logins like GMail, Facebook, SMS, end-users of any web or mobile app easily create an on-chain account upon the first login. Their private key is encrypted with a PIN of their choosing and stored for them — so users never need to remember their blockchain accounts or keys.

Built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network and used by both developers and businesses, like gaming pioneer RedFOX Labs, ORE ID allows users to manage their own blockchain keys — and ultimately their own identity.

But unlike competing identity authentication platforms, ORE ID is built for the user’s entire digital identity management — because we know that authentication doesn’t end at the account creation stage. By using their same account credentials, end users can also sign transactions directly in an application for the best, streamlined UX.

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