Image Protect Secures First Major Fotofy Technology Partnership

Revolutionary Platform Development Concludes in Preparation for Launch of Trend Setting Revenue Generating Image Distribution System

Image Protect Inc.(“Image Protect” or the “Company”), a global leader in the end-to-end copyright infringement sector, is pleased to announce that the Company has initiated its photo sharing Photofy platform.

Pali Media’s content embedded with the Photofy technology, enables the monitoring of user shares, and effective tracking of revenues based on user views and shares. By simply clicking on the “share button”, which conveniently highlighted on the top of each image, enables photos and videos to generate real-time advertiser based revenues, as content is shared from website to website or across social media platforms.

Shareholders and content owners are highly persuaded to explore Photofy’s potential impact by clicking on the following links to discover how a Native ad can be streamed on top of each shared image, facilitating a highly lucrative venue by which one of the largest online advertising networks can be built. Converted images can be viewed on PaliMedia’s automotive web property.

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PaliMedia, Inc. is network owner and operator of of premium quality, high yielding web properties in the Pets, Technology, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Fashion and Automotive verticals. Their distinctive digital properties utilize hundreds of thousands of high-quality images as part of its compelling visual content storytelling and user engagement.

Company Co-CEO, Matthew Goldman, stated, “Partnering with a large website conglomerate like Pali Media showcases the potential brand exposure we can achieve with our Fotofy technology. This gives us a strong head start in building a large-scale enterprise revenue model for our shareholders, content creators, website publishers and partners alike.” The Company has also recently finished developing its innovative “User Dashboard”, which gives each and every user the ability to view and collect all vital data connected to each and every image uploaded to the Fotofy platform.

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Image protect brings to content owners a unique and advantageous venue for the capitalization on their content. A system by which proprietors and artists can monetize and monitor volume as their works travel the internet and gain exposure. According to the recent IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, the global digital advertising market grew 21% to $88 billion in 2017. In-Image Ad marketing continues to grow rapidly and has become a 90B market over the last ten years.

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