Starting September, Advertisers Will No Longer Be Able to Allocate Budgets for Ad Sets on Facebook Business

Facebook Business Is Launching the Campaign Budget Optimizer, Withdrawing Advertisers’ Rights to Manual Budget Allocation for Ad Sets

Facebook Business has announced that starting September 2019, all new and existing ad campaigns will migrate to their newer platform. The platform will automate advertising budgets for ad sets initiating a new era where there will be no manual involvement from advertisers. Facebook Business hopes that this initiative will help optimize advertisements in a huge way.

Currently, advertisers leverage Facebook Business’ ad platform to allocate budgets to individual advertising sets. However, once this change comes into effect, brands will only be able to allocate budgets on a campaign level.

At first glance, this change looks like a positive addition from Facebook Business’ end. However, considering the fact that this change will also apply to the existing campaigns, the decision may put digital marketers in a tight spot. Why? Most digital marketers have specific budgets and metrics defined for ad set performance for long-term campaigns, or campaigns that are timeless. Hence, whatever effort digital marketers have put to calibrate these campaigns will go down the drain.

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However, Facebook Business is firm about their decision to roll out these changes. The whole point, Facebook Business commented, is to provide better ad results to digital marketers at a much lower cost. Also, the company wants a better system towards budget allocation for the best-performing ads. The company earlier said, “You’ll have the ability to set one central campaign budget to optimize across ad sets, and we’ll automatically and continuously distribute the budget in real-time to your top performing ad sets.”

The only problem is, this takes a lot of ownership away from the digital marketers’ hands. Globally, the marketing community will simply need to trust Facebook Business blindly for their ad sets to perform more efficiently.

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What’s More?

  1. Facebook Business released a statement earlier that stated that advertisers need to assess the success of this system based on two factors:
  • Total number of results for the campaign
  • The average cost of optimization
  1. Advertisers will have restricted access to key metrics
  2. On a testing level, a popular news and entertainment platform has tested this new platform and declared that it works

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