CIRKAY Announces The UK’s First Ever Chart Compliant Album to Include An NFT for Fiction Records’ act ‘The Amazons’ on Eluvio

CIRKAY, the social commerce platform used by creators and brands to deliver content and experiences to their followers and fans, announced in conjunction with Virgin Records the release of The Amazons Digital Box Set NFT. It marks the first release of the CIRKAY Fan Pass, a unique type of Utility NFT programmed to grant access to content which is stored directly on the Blockchain. The NFTs will be sold on the CIRKAY Marketplace powered by Eluvio’s eco-friendly blockchain technology.

As of Thursday 21st April 2022 at 4PM BST, 100 Digital Box Set NFTs are available to buy at with a pre-order copy of the Vinyl LP of The Amazons’ upcoming third album ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’. Those who purchase the pre-order bundle will receive a link to mint their NFT immediately after purchase and will receive the album vinyl and a physical certificate of NFT ownership when the album is released on 2nd September 2022. The package is the first ever OCC UK chart certified compliant release to include an NFT.

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The Digital Box Set NFT grants the owner access to exclusive content from The Amazons including unseen animated photos from the band’s archives, demo clips of upcoming singles, handwritten lyric artwork and an exclusive track by track analysis from the band which will all be accessible by simply clicking media channels that are embedded within their NFT. The content drops will be spread over the months leading up to the album release, with the first drop of content available immediately once the owner mints their NFT.

As the first ever CIRKAY Fan Pass, the Digital Box Set showcases the capabilities of this unique type of Utility NFT. Eluvio’s technology is eco-friendly and highly energy efficient both in the ways it manages media and uses blockchain technology. By storing the content on the Eluvio blockchain it is kept securely protected, and through a novel compositional and just-in-time protocol, the Eluvio Content Fabric does not make digital file copies and dramatically reduces the network storage and usage requirements of today’s traditional streaming and distribution systems. The Eluvio Content Fabric’s blockchain also uses an eco-friendly “proof-of-authority” consensus, which avoids the high energy consumption used in computational “proof-of-work” blockchains.

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